share my application code

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So you've made some cool application and want people to be able to work on it

but maybe it depends on one of the countless addons

You list the addons in the readme, and expect people to either git clone or download a zip of the right version.

What would be simpler is if we could bundle our dependencies. Luckily, as of oF 0.9, we can!

This should work for any folder the name doens't matter. For example if you have:


and your addon is in:




in addons.make should work

In general the makefiles (and the project generator, qt creator project and vs wizard) will parse each line of addons.make by checking first if it's a valid path and if not by checking if it exists in OF/addons so any path relative from the project path and even absolute paths pointing to an addon folder will work.

If you are fully bought-in to git, you might even want to use submodules

cd  OF/app/myProjects/someProject
mkdir addons; cd addons
git submodule add

Now people can checkout and build your project like so

git clone **--recursive**
cd myProject
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