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Marsha plugins

This repo contains optional plugins for the Marsha application.

Plugins are pure JavaScript files injected in the LTI template and executed when the target iframe is loaded.

Getting started

Javascript file are hosted on an AWS S3 bucket and distrbuted using AWS CloudFront. To bootstrap everything we use terraform.

🔧 Before you go further, you need to create ./src/aws/env.d/development and replace the relevant values with your own.

$ cp ./env.d/development.dist ./env.d/development

Create the shared state bucket where Terraform will keep all the information on your deployments so different developers/machines/CI processes can interact with them:

$ make state-create

Initialize your Terraform config:

$ make init

In order to have multiple environments (e.g. development, staging, preproduction and production) you must create a Terraform workspace and use it before deploying the project:

$ ./bin/terraform workspace create development

Then you can create the architecture and deploy all plugins:

$ make deploy

At then end of the deployment terraform will output the AWS CloudFront url you will use to distribute javascript files.

Available plugins


Adways is an interactive videos solution. The plugin lives in src/static/js/adways.js. To distribute it the URL will be:

To use it with marsha, the adways publication id must be added in the LTI url using the adways_id query string, this will automatically activate the plugin. Example:{YOUR_PUBLICATION_ID}.

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