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values-ar update Arabic translation for 1.1 Dec 28, 2016
values-be Update all current languages for 1.1 Dec 27, 2016
values-ca Updating catalan and spanish for 1.1 Jan 25, 2017
values-cs Fix typo in cs-CZ Jan 11, 2017
values-da Translations of new texts Jan 8, 2017
values-de Corrected some typos in German texts. Apr 25, 2017
values-el Greek update translations v1.1 (#79) Jan 13, 2017
values-en Minor English update Dec 28, 2016
values-es Apply necessary changes to capitalization Feb 14, 2017
values-fr Translate "package" May 2, 2017
values-he Hebrew translation (#92) Feb 22, 2017
values-hi Update Hindi strings for 1.1 (#78) Jan 11, 2017
values-hr Fix Croatian syntax errors Jan 11, 2017
values-in fix disconcerting word Jan 8, 2017
values-it Italian translation fixes and improvements (#102) Apr 24, 2017
values-ko Update all current languages for 1.1 Dec 27, 2016
values-nl Update 1.1 strings Dec 27, 2016
values-pl Small Polish update Dec 28, 2016
values-pt-rBR Correcting wrong translation by context. Jan 19, 2017
values-ro Translate 1.1 strings to Romanian (#67) Dec 29, 2016
values-ru Typo fix Dec 31, 2016
values-sk Update Slovak translation for 1.1 (#82) Jan 12, 2017
values-tr 1.1 Update for Turkish Language Dec 27, 2016
values-uk Fix typo in Ukrainian language Oct 24, 2017
values-zh-rCN update zh-rCN translation for 1.1 (#60) Dec 27, 2016
values-zh-rTW zh-rTW: refine message_webview_not_installed Dec 28, 2016 Initial Translations for the Open GApps App Oct 24, 2016 Updated Translations to include 'Translator' Nov 23, 2016

Open GApps App

Get the Open GApps app in the Play Store or directly from

If you experience any issue with an Open GApps package or installation you should NOT be here. Support for the Open GApps packages can be found in the support section

Report an issue with the Open GApps app

If you have any issue with the Open GApps app, you can report it in our issue tracker. Please first search if your bug has not already been reported yet, to prevent duplicate issues.

Help to translate the Open GApps app

You can help to translate the Open GApps app! Feel free to fork and give us a pull request with your translation! It is easiest to make a translation using the Android Studio translation tool, or with your favorite XML-text editor. Don't forget to add yourself to the translators string of AUTHORS at the top of the file. Translations are licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International (CC BY-SA 4.0).