Get Involved

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Get Involved

There are various way that you can help and contribute to The Open GApps Project

Help in the forums

The Open GApps Project often receives various support questions in the Q&A thread of the XDA Forum. If you have some knowledge about using the Open GApps questions, you can probably help fellow users by answering those questions. Some of the questions and your answers might be appropiate to add to this wiki, don't hesitate to do so.

Bugs, feature requests and wide array of issues are discussed in the main thread of the XDA Forum. Sometimes users forget to include their debug logs or logcat (if experiencing Force Closures) or fail to formulate their issue properly. You can help the developers by replying to those users to include the necessary information or enhance the description of their issue. Otherwise the Open GApps developers will simply ignore those posts, since they need all their time available to focus on development.

Become a packager

Do you often get new APKs before they are included in Open GApps? Big chance that you have a device with a CPU, DPI and/or Android Version that no one on the Open GApps team has yet. You can help The Open GApps Project by becoming a team member and get those rare APKs to our repository as fast as possible! You can show your interest in the XDA Forum and we will get back to you!

Help documenting

Most open source projects lack documentation, because developers often lack time to write it, since users also demand bug fixes and new features. For The Open GApps Project the same applies. Anyone is welcome to help and improve the documentation!

Write source code

Probably the most difficult role of all, but it is very important that there are multiple developers busy with the source code. To improve the code quality, fix bugs faster and create more features. Also developers can often enhance each other's development process by sharing ideas and discussing design decisions. If you want to help, just start with writing code and give us a pull request for your favourite new feature or bug fix. We promise to respond and try to get your code mainlined if it meets the project's design goals and standards.