Notes for CMSetupWizard

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If you use the CMSetupWizard keyword to remove Cyanogenmod's Setupwizard, but not have set-up your device yet, you will be hit by the issue that the pull-down Quick Settings menu doesn't work anymore (See CM bug #2889).

This issue exists because Cyanogenmod decided (see CM bug #2431) that the Quick Settings should only be shown if their own provision database key CM_SETUP_WIZARD_COMPLETED has been set, instead of sticking to Google's and AOSP's key DEVICE_PROVISIONED. Google's setupwizard obviously does not set CM's key, thus you 'need' the Cyanogenmod setupwizard.

So either you need to keep CMSetupWizard installed for at least the first boot, or you need to apply a manual workaround, or you need to patch the ROM.

Workarounds (requires root)

  • The following may be executed from a command prompt in booted Android, and is only necessary once:

    su -c 'settings --cm put secure cm_setup_wizard_completed 1'

  • Flash the CMSetup Fix for GApps Installer zip by osm0sis via custom recovery to install a su.d script that will automatically execute the above command at the appropriate time following first boot. It is available in his xda-developers Odds and Ends thread.