Package Comparison

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Not included in this table: Aroma & TVStock

Application Name gapps-config
Super Stock Full Mini Micro Nano Pico
Google System Base X X X X X X X
Google Play Store X X X X X X X
Google Android Shared Services O O O O O O O
Google Calendar Sync CalSync + + + + + X X
Google Package Installer PackageInstallerGoogle O O O O O O O
Dialer Framework DialerFramework X X X X X X X
Face Detection for Media FaceDetect X X X X X X
Face Unlock FaceUnlock X X X X X X
Off-line Speech Files Speech X X X X X X
OK Google Hotword Enrollment Hotword X X X X X X
Google Exchange Services¹ ExchangeGoogle O O O O O
Google Play Services X X X X X X X
Google App (Search) Search X X X X X X
Google Calendar¹ CalendarGoogle O O O O O
Google Now Launcher² GoogleNow O O X X X
Google Text-to-Speech GoogleTTS O O X X X 6.0 6.0
Gmail Gmail O O X X X
Google Calculator¹ CalculatorGoogle O O O O
Google Desk Clock¹ ClockGoogle O O O O
Hangouts Hangouts O O X X
Google Maps Maps X X X X
Google Photos Photos O O X X
Google NFC Tags¹ TagGoogle O O O O
YouTube YouTube X X X X
Cloud Print CloudPrint X X X
Google+ GooglePlus X X X
Google Chrome Chrome O O X
Google Docs Docs X X X
Google Drive Drive X X X
Google Fit Fitness X X X
Google Keep Keep X X X
Google News & Weather NewsWidget X X X
Google Play Books Books X X X
Google Play Games PlayGames X X X
Google Play Movies & TV Movies X X X
Google Play Music Music X X X
Google Play Newsstand Newsstand X X X
Google Sheets Sheets X X X
Google Slides Slides X X X
Google Talkback TalkBack X X X
Google Camera¹ CameraGoogle O O
Google Contacts¹ ContactsGoogle O O
Google Dialer¹² DialerGoogle O O
Google Keyboard¹ KeyboardGoogle O O
Messenger¹ Messenger O O
Google Print Service Recommendation Service PrintServiceGoogle O O
Google Storage Manager StorageManagerGoogle O O
Google VR Services VRService X X
Google WebView¹ WebViewGoogle WebViewStub³ O O
Pixel Icons PixelIcons X X
Pixel Launcher² PixelLauncher O O
Wallpapers Wallpapers X X
Android Pay AndroidPay X
Google Apps Device Policy DMAgent X
Google Connectivity Services GCS X
Google Earth Earth X
Google Indic Keyboard Indic X
Google Japanese Input Japanese X
Google Korean Input Korean X
Google Pinyin Input Pinyin X
Google Street View Street X
Google Translate Translate X
Google Zhuyin Input Zhuyin X
Project Fi by Google² ProjectFi X
  • ¹ By default replaces the Stock/AOSP version of the application included in the ROM to avoid problems
  • ² Google Dialer depends on Dialer Framework; Google Now depends on Search; Pixel Launcher depends on Search and Wallpapers; Project Fi depends on GCS
  • ³ Google WebView Stub only installs a placeholder APK of Google WebView that needs to be updated to function. Requires Android 7.0 or higher
  • X Installs application by default
  • O Replaces the Stock/AOSP version of the application by default
  • + Only installed if Google Calendar is NOT installed
  • 6.0 indicates that the application is also included in this Android 6.0 package
  • Note that some applications are only available on higher Android versions or compatible hardware