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SEO-friendly pagination #4

freejung opened this Issue · 3 comments

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I have a feature request: for SEO purposes, it would be preferable for the page navigational links back to page 1 link to the original URL instead of to the URL with the query string page=1. The way it is now creates a duplicate copy of page 1 which would be regarded by SEs as duplicate content and could cause problems.

With this change, it would be much easier to implement SEO-friendly pagination as I describe here:,56621.0.html


Note: this would be easy to implement, and it would actually work best, if there was just a separate template for the links back to page 1.


Hmmm... sorry, I didn't mean to close this...


Yeah! I would also like to see this being implemented.. page=1 is not needed

This issue was closed.
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