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OpenGemara.org's Compiler

This is the source code of the compiler behind OpenGemara.

The website is a primer on Talmud study, with translations and (coming slowly!) commentary. I write the text in a custom markdown dialect (close enough to the real thing so that my muscle memory works) with some custom additions. This program compiles (or transpiles, depending on your mood :) ) this markdown into JSON, to be parsed by my website builder into the final site.

The (contents) source directory looks something like this:






With each file having the following grammar:

[[Chapter 1]]
<<Q|There will be a question here>>
יש פה משהו מהמקור
This is a translation of the original [with comments in brackets] _and italics_ and *bold* and _italics and *bold and italics*_ [c][popup comments][text to show in popup comment] and [s][link to source][masechta.3a.linenum]. 
multiline comments go here, ` on a newline is a blank line, /*is a comment, won't appear in output*/
|~Cell11 (the tilde makes it a header) | ~Cell12 | ~Cell13|
|~Cell11 | Cell12  (no header here!) | Cell13|
[!][title text][image-url.jpg]
{Ths wrd} are purposefully misspelled.
<These words> are transliterated words, which will need a popup to translate.
<<A>> /* Defaults to: "The Gemara will answer" */
<<N|Just a comment>>

The compiler is broken up into two pieces - the server and the compiler (I set up the architecture in this way so to create live syntax and spellcheck with a Language Server plugin), so one must first start the server and then run the compiler in the source directory (Masechta in the above example).

It could benefit from a bit of refactoring, so ideas are always welcome!!