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Dont worry

With this Magento 2 module, your shop will turn into a awesome cash-machine, but also an unstress software. Indeed, everything will turn green, errors will disapear (backend and frontend), your sales will increased.


composer require opengento/dontworry

Yes, this awesome module is available on Packagist.


More Sales

  • When a product is added to cart, an order is created
  • Cron to auto create orders
  • Prices are divided by 10 in frontend (increase conversion)
  • Display on product page: "Hurry up! Only X product(s) left and Y customers visiting this page."


  • You can login to the backend with any password
  • Your backend never show aggresive red/orange colors, ☘️ green everywhere
  • Transactional emails wish you a plaisant fly
  • Messages (success, errors, warning) encourage the customer by adding "Bravo!"
  • Cron to auto create nice automated reviews
  • Cannot unsubscribe from the newsletter


  • Tests never fails!
  • Caches are always OK
  • Indexes are always OK




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