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Opengento Hackathon 2018

Building an e-commerce from magento's ecosystem, without Magento is possible Some will say it is necessary


Clone this repository
cd fc
docker-compose run --rm npm install
docker-compose up -d
cp src/server/modules/akeneo/config/akeneo.sample.js src/server/modules/akeneo/config/akeneo.js

Tail logs

docker-compose logs -f npm

Restart container

docker-compose restart npm

Akeneo credentials
Login : admin
Password : admin
API client ID: 1_4nt3aj7728e8w4coo4ogws48wcgos0o4owo4og4sck4c00kskg
API Secret: 1etszljk2tvoo8wgokok0cscswsgwso4w88cw4owwgwk8w0gk