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This GitHub repository contains the content for the OGC Candidate to Standard Cloud Optimized GeoTIFF (COG) (OGC 21-026).

This GitHub repository contains OGC's Candidate to Standard Cloud Optimized GeoTIFF (COG) (OGC 21-026). The draft specification is available in HTML and PDF.

The fact that "COG" is a permutation or the "OGC" letters is purely accidental :-). The COG format was originated outside the OGC and the intention is that it becomes an OGC standard with the support of the community or an OGC community standard. That is why this repository is open to anybody. This repository reproduces the current status of the COG practices collected mainly from and and translates it into formal requirements and an OGC standards template.

This repository was originated from the work in Testbed 17 and the original documents are in The intention is to keep them aligned until the end of Testbed 17 except on the parts where the Testbed17 was "creative" (mainly in relation to 2D-TMS) that has been removed to go back to the original COG direction. Afterwards, the work has exclusively continued in the GeoTIFF.SWG.

The repo is organized as follows:

  • index.adoc - nothing in this document
  • standard - the main Standard document content
    • organized in multiple sections and directories
    • this is the only part needed to create a Standard


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