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Autonomous Vehicle HD Maps

Meta Trend

Spatial and Temporal Models


Autonomous Vehicle HD Maps


Maps created at centimetre or sub-centimetre precision, typically to support driverless-cars and other autonomous ground vehicles that operate in built-up areas [1] footnote:].

What is new or emerging?

Although mapping organizations are likely to embrace standards to allow them to incorporate data from many sources, a fully open ecosystem seems unlikely. The companies involved will prefer to maintain semi-closed ecosystems [2]

Why might it matter?

To achieve the CAV ambition, geospatial data is key. Not just to the creation of a realistic simulation environment to test in, but also to the eventual deployment of a new infrastructure to enable improved connectivity and mobility.[3]





Gartner Hype Curve phase

Technology Readiness Level


Discussion Issue

Discussion of Trend on GitHub


1. HD Maps: New age maps powering autonomous vehicles

2. Digitizing the world

3. Survey underpins UK driverless car testing

4. investing 500 million in Uber in driverless car pact


URL to technology implementation examples

Geospatial Tech Category

OGC Working Groups

Coordination with ISO TC 204

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