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Indoor: Position, Models and Navigation

Meta Trend

Spatial and Temporal Models


Indoor: Position, Models and Navigation


Accurate indoor positioning and models unlock a new set of possibilities for mobile services. Consumers will benefit from personalized, contextual information and offers, as well as new services such as indoor navigation. Venue owners will benefit from increased customer satisfaction and enhanced information on customer behaviour [1].

What is new or emerging?

Location Based Service, Indoor Vendors Marketing. Google’s Visual Positioning System (VPS) as mentioned at Google I/O in May 2017. Need for indoor venue maps consistently developed in large scale and Indoor positioning methods that are common and pervasive in mobile devices.

Why might it matter?

Indoor navigation for disabilities, increasingly technology can empower navigation. Indoor is the next horizon in Mod/Sim.





Gartner Hype Curve phase

Trough of Disillusionment

Technology Readiness Level

Discussion Issue

Discussion of Trend on GitHub


1. OGC Benefits of Indoor Location - Use Case Survey of Lessons Learned and Expectations

2. FCC Defining Dispatchable Location to implement Ray Baum’s Act

3. InLocation Alliance


URL to technology implementation examples

Geospatial Tech Category

Positioning, Navigation and Timing; CRS; Geodesy, Data Models

OGC Working Groups

IndoorGML SWG; Mobile Location Services DWG; NIST/OGC Indoor Mapping and Navigation Pilot

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