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Modeling, Simulation and Prediction

Meta Trend

Big Data


Modeling, Simulation and Prediction


Simulation modelling is the process of creating and analyzing a digital prototype of a physical model to predict its performance in the real world. Models and simulation can be used for analysis and for training.

What is new or emerging?

Convergence of: 1) Gaming and Simulation, 2) Built Environment Modeling and 3) Predictive Earth System Models

Why might it matter?

Improved ability of M&S products and services to be better used by the community, and to further advance the vision of a common, comprehensive model of Earth. In scenarios such as Humanitarian disaster response, being able to process on the fly models, simulations, ensures more timely responses. Mod/Cim helps with dealing with the transition from data scarcity to data overabundance. Coordination of predictive model outputs and machine learning. Mod/SIM can used to support training of predictions/analysis.





Gartner Hype Curve phase

Technology Readiness Level

Discussion Issue

Discussion of Trend on GitHub


1. OGC CDB Standard

2. OGC Open Modelling Interface (OpenMI) Interface Standard

3. Exploration of Next Generation Technology Applications to Modeling and Simulation (ENGTAM) Standing Study Group (SSG)

4. From Maps to Models. National Academies report


URL to technology implementation examples

Geospatial Tech Category

OGC Working Groups

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