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Web of Data

Meta Trend

Spatial Data on the Web


Web of Data


Data published on the web are made discoverable, accessible and interoperable using WWW best practices for data formats, data access, data identifiers, metadata, licensing and provenance.

What is new or emerging?

- W3C Workshop on Web Standardization for Graph Data (March 2019): Support for adding geospatial and temporal to graph query languages

- Emerging progress on Property Graphs standards in JTC 1 SQL (June 2019): Property Graph Queries as a new part of SQL standards, 9075-16 and New declarative property graph language.

- and JSON-LD

Why might it matter?

- OGC Environmental Linked Features Interoperability Experiment: Power of OGC APIs to expose features in the context of rich domain-feature-model-based linked data while following W3C best practices

- Advantages similar to adding Topology to Geometry queries.


Level 5 - Component validation in relevant environment

Interop Readiness

Level 6 – Incorporation of novel service into apps with substantial configuration – Associational Standards





Discussion Issue

Discussion of Trend on GitHub


- Spatial Data on the Web Best Practices, 2017 See BPs 1,2,and 3.

- Location Powers:Big Linked Data


- Geocoded National Address File (G-NAF) Linked Data Demonstrator

- Spatial Data on the Web Demonstrator for Cadastral and Topographic data in North-Rhine Westphalia

- OGC Testbed 15 Scenario: Richelieu River hydro linked data harvest model

Geospatial Tech Category

Databases, Data models, Semantics, Mark-up Languages

OGC Working Groups

Spatial Data on the Web

SDW Strategy Funnel

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