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Approving a test

Luis Bermudez edited this page Jun 28, 2019 · 11 revisions

The processing for approving a test is as follows:

We need 3 early implementations or 1 early implementation and test has been long enough in the beta validation website.

Process (per conformance class): (Copy this list in a new issue (label:approval-of-test to monitor the status of a test)

  • 1. Release in beta
  • Move to Status "In Beta"
  • 2. Check Quality
    • check that conformance classes match (exact names form the specification)
    • confirm the correct version of the specification that the test represents. In particular check for corrigenda versions. Needs to be clarified in the welcome page of the test
    • check that there is at list one core test
    • if possible check that there is a unit case for each conformance class that test failing
    • get confirmation from test lead that the test is ready
    • Send email to OGC staff to update the implementation portal to:
      • add the test and conformance classes
      • mark the test as "Test in Beta"
      • enable submissions for early implementers
  • Move to Status "Looking for Implementers"
  • 3. Get early implementers (At least 3 or one if the test has been long enough in beta)
    • 3.1 Notify the registered implementers
    • 3.2 Notify the SWG
    • 3.3 Promote in OGC newsletter
    • 3.4 Promote in socially media
  • Move to status "in Review by TC"
  • 4. Notify CITE SC (2 weeks)
  • 5. Notify TC chair for TC approval
  • 6. Check that Vote is in process
  • Move to status "Approved - Moving to Production"
  • Once the test is approved move to production
    • 7. Move to production
      • Update version to 1.0
      • Update status to "Final"
      • Check that OGC submission portal status of the test is not ("Test in Beta")
    • 8. Promote
      • blog
      • social media
  • Move to status "Closed"
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