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CITE Introduction Roles and Responsibilities

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This document summarizes the goal, principles, and process shared by all the test suites leaders supporting the OGC Compliance Program (CITE).

Vision shared by CITE developers

All Geospatial software in the world is OGC compliant. We have better systems interoperability and we help to save lives and make this world better and safer. Integration of geospatial data is not a problem when software is OGC Compliant.

Goals shared by CITE developers

  • Provide the best support to developers of OGC implementations around the world, towards passing OGC Tests.
  • Engaged leaders in the geospatial community and software environment to help and lead and develop the tests
  • Create a virtual place where the geospatial community can help each other improving their own software and becoming compliant

Principles shared by CITE developers

  • Provide an Awesome Service to developers around the world
  • Embrace and drive change and improvement
  • Have fun, create fun


Each test is managed by a lead organization. Leads are most of the times organization that provide in-kind contribution or have an agreement with OGC (e.g. support of hours in exchange for membership).

If an issue is submitted to an issue tracker, the CITE Manager will assign the issue to the appropriate Test Lead.

Leads do the following:

If Leads are not in-kind, they need to provide a monthly report of their work, in particular if there is an MoU in place for an exchange of hours or if they are paid by OGC.

CITE Manager

The leads interact with the CITE Manager (See Communications-Manager-and-Test-Leads). The Manager does the following:

  • Monitor the CITE forum to make sure the questions, issues and suggestions are being responded and captured in the appropriate GitHub repository
  • Coordinate with the leads to prioritize issues
  • Do releases of the tests in TEAM Engine beta and production
  • Do releases of TEAM Engine
  • Maintain documentation about the process, support, and management of CITE tools

Process to Support the Forum

  • Test Lead monitors the CITE Forum:
  • If a message is submitted related to a test that a test Leads owns, then the Test Lead should respond in less than 24 hours. The CITE Manager can also respond.
  • Test Lead (or CITE Manager) does the following:
    • If it is a fast response (< 5 min) - the Test Lead responds directly to the forum
    • If it seems like a bug or good question to capture (for TEAM Engine or Tests), the Test Lead:
      1. creates an issue in the respective GitHub project and assigns the issue to him/herself
      2. responds to the Forum. pointing to the issue in GitHub, inviting those interested to continue the conversation in GitHub
      3. Test Leads works on the issue.

Prioritizing of Issues

OGC uses waffle, which is a [Kanban board] ( to track the status and priority of the issues.

Kanban Board for CITE kanban board cite

The board has 4 columns

  1. Backlog - new issues
  2. In-investigation - This column contains issues that are prioritized by the Test Lead and the CITE Manager. The issue on the top has the highest priority
  3. Waiting - Issues in this column are waiting for an external resolution
  4. Closed - issues are closed

The board can be filtered by project, assigned, milestones and labels. For example, if the Test Lead has the following github account: robert-smith-the-lead, the link to the all the issues assigned to this github user is

Releasing Tests and TEAM Engine

The process for releasing tests and TEAM Engine is documented here.

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