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CTL Handling in TEAM Engine

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This page will provide details about how CTL is read and process.

  • How CTL test-suite read by teamengine?

    • The CTL test-suites are present in the ~/TE_BASE/scripts directory. The CTL test-suite will read only once in its life-cycle.

    • The teamengine has java class "", it is used to transform the CTL test into executable xslt templates. The "generate_xsl.xsl" file is used by the Generator class to transform CTL test into templates.

    • All converted templates are kept into the ~/TE_BASE/work/ directory, according to test-suites. This conversion process is executed(processed) only once.

    • After that teamengine will use this templates from work directory for execution of tests.

    • Following are the steps to add the new attributes into the CTL and make accessible to teamengine:

      • For Example:

                <ctl:test name="ex:basic-main" isConformanceClass="true" isBasic="true">
      • We have added new attributes into CTL test, now we have to make accessible that attributes into teamengine. So we need to update the generate_xsl.xsl file to read this new attributes from the CTL.

      • After that generator class will transform this CTL test into executable stylesheet (XSLT) template.

    • While transforming the CTL test, it returns the Index object which is read by the TEcore class.

    • The TECore class is the main class that is responsible for the read ctl templates, execute template, write result into log file etc.

  • Invoke CTL test using REST:

    • The teamengine has the module "teamengine-spi-ctl", it is responsible to execute the CTL test through the REST.

    • The CtlExecutor class is the starting point of the CTL REST api.

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