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The primary intent of this wiki is to organise code sprints, developer workshops and outreach days. If in doubt as to whether something is appropriate for the wiki, please contact someone from OGC.

Code Sprints 💻

Code sprints are three-day events, where all synergies are focused on one or more OGC specifications. They are an opportunity to work on existing or new implementations of the spec, as well as to advance the specification itself as a result of discussions. For newcomers, they provide a way of getting familiar with the specification by attending the mentor streams, which offer guided tutorials.

Generic Code Sprints 🌠

These sprints are open to all OGC Standards. All Standards Working Groups and Domain Working Groups are in scope. They are organised by OGC staff, along with alliance partners.

Code Sprint # Venue Date Page
24 Hybrid 10th-12th July 2024 Open Standards Code Sprint 🔜
23 Hybrid 26th-28th February 2024 2024 Joint OGC – OSGeo – ASF Code Sprint
22 Hybrid 30th October-1st November 2023 Open Standards Code Sprint
21 Hybrid 12th-14th June 2023 Tiling Interfaces Code Sprint
20 Hybrid 25th-27th April 2023 Open Standards and Open Source Software Code Sprint
19 Hybrid 29th November - 1st December 2022 Web Mapping Code Sprint
18 Hybrid 14th-16th September 2022 Metadata Data Code Sprint
17 Virtual 12th-14th July 2022 Vector Data Code Sprint
16 Virtual 8th-10th May 2022 Space Partitions Code Sprint
15 Virtual 8th-10th March 2022 2022 Joint OGC – OSGeo – ASF Code Sprint
14 Virtual 15th-17th November 2021 Geospatial API Code Sprint

Focused Code Sprints 🔎

These code sprints focus in a limited group of standards and they are organised by the Working Groups.

Code Sprint # Venue Date Page
B2 Virtual 13th-15th February 2024 2024 OGC API - Coverages Virtual Code Sprint
B1 Virtual 18th-20th September 2023 2023 OGC API - Processes Virtual Code Sprint

Past Code Sprints 🔎

Other past code sprints are listed separately.

Developer Workshops 🎓

Developer Workshops are held during OGC member meetings. They focus on a few selected standards and provide an overview of the specification, as well as practical demonstrations. They are a good opportunity for getting deeper into the specs, from a "hands-on" stand point.

Developer workshop # Venue Date Page
125 Hybrid 21th February 2023 Developer Workshop
124 Hybrid 4th October 2022 Developer Workshop
123 Hybrid 17th June 2022 Developer Workshop
121 Virtual 8th December 2021 Developer Workshop

Outreach Days 📣

On the last Thursday of every month we will hold an informal virtual meeting to hack around, document, discuss and in general meet the awesome OGC community. The agenda will be dependent on the community - we will add more information about this soon.

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