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Public Repository for the Web Feature Service (WFS 3.0) Compliance Test Suite
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OGC API - Features Conformance Test Suite


Describe scope of the test suite.

Visit the project documentation website for more information, including the API documentation.

How to build the test suite

The test suite is built using Apache Maven v3.

How to run the test suite

The options for running the suite are summarized in

How to contribute

If you would like to get involved, you can:

  • Report an issue such as a defect or an enhancement request

  • Help to resolve an open issue

  • Fix a bug: Fork the repository, apply the fix, and create a pull request

  • Add new tests: Fork the repository, implement and verify the tests on a new topic branch, and create a pull request (don’t forget to periodically rebase long-lived branches so there are no extraneous conflicts)

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