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Points of Interest (POI) Encoding Specification

This is an experiment in using GitHub to create specifications.

The abstract specification is in the [spec/poi-core.html] (spec/poi-core.html) file.

To contribute an issue in the [tracker] (https://github.com/opengeospatial/poi/issues) and make a pull request.

If you are a github newbie then just hit 'edit' on the [poi-core.html page] (https://github.com/opengeospatial/poi/blob/master/spec/poi-core.html).

This will automatically 'fork' the repository in to your own copy. After editing there you can create a 'pull request' from your fork to submit the work for review and merging.

If you are making a more substantial set of changes please create a branch to work on the set. Pull requests stay with the branches they are made on, so if you make more changes based on feedback that can all get pulled in when ready. Note you can create new branches as well as new files completely through the web.

Here are some technical resources to get you going with Git, GitHub, and HTML editing: