TEAM Engine (Test, Evaluation, And Measurement Engine) is an engine for testing web services and other resources written in JAVA. It executes test scripts written in Compliance Test Language (CTL), TestNG and other languages. It is lightweight and easy to run as a command line or to setup as a service. It can be used to test any type of service …
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TEAM Engine


TEAM Engine (Test, Evaluation, And Measurement Engine) is a Java-based application for testing web services and other information resources. It executes test suites developed using the popular TestNG framework, OGC Compliance Test Language (CTL) scripts, and possibly other JVM-friendly languages. It is lightweight and easy to run from the command-line or as a web application.

TEAM Engine can be used to test almost any type of service or information resource. It is the official test harness used by the Open Geospatial Consortium's (OGC) compliance program. Visit the project documentation website for more information.

An installation is maintained by the OGC at

How to build

Apache Maven 3.2.5 or higher is required to build TEAM Engine. The latest release is recommended.

  • Clone the repository:

    git clone

  • Change to the directory containing the local repository:

    cd teamengine

  • Execute the Maven install phase to add the build artifacts to the local repository:

    mvn install

More information

The following sources include documentation about how to install the tests, run TEAM Engine via the command line or as a web application in a Java servlet container.

  • An extensive tutorial can be found in the doc folder.

  • A Getting Started Guide is available at the project documentation website. This can also be created by generating the site documentation (which includes a PDF document in the target/pdf directory):

    mvn site


Apache 2.0 License

How to contribute

If you would like to get involved, you can:

  • Report an issue such as a defect or an enhancement request
  • Help to resolve an open issue
  • Fix a bug: Fork the repository, apply the fix, and create a pull request
  • Add a new feature: Fork the repository, implement (and test) the feature on a new topic branch, and then create a pull request

Mailing Lists

The cite-forum is where software developers discuss issues and solutions related to OGC tests and TEAM Engine.

More Information

Visit the CITE website for more information about the CITE program and tools.