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Documentation for the QField project
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This is the documentation for the QField project

Build Status


The final product can be found here:


The documentation is written in English and managed in this git repository. The latest version of the documentation is automatically built (on Travis CI) and published on the links above.

Translation is done via transifex. The latest translations are pulled and built on a daily basis (using travis-ci cron job functionality).


QField is a community driven open source project. As such we are very happy to get your help and feedback.

Therefore we appreciate if you can help us by

  • Documenting features (in English)
  • Improving the documentation (in English)
  • Translate it to your language

Documentation process

Note: You will need a github account for this.

Navigate to and click the Fork link on the top right. You now have your own copy of the documentation on which you can work and cannot do any damage, feel free to experiment. If you want more information about forking you can find it here.

You most likely want to make changes to the files in the folder en. That's where all the real documentation text is located. The documentation is written in reStructuredText, a simple syntax to structure the text. You can find information about it in the reStructuredText Primer or by looking at what is already in the documentation and make your changes according to it.

Testing your changes

To quickly test locally the changes you made you can run make devhtmlfrom the top-level directory. This will quickly generate the english only version of your new documentation. The HTML will be generated in build/html/en. From there you can open index.html and explore your local copy of the documentation.

Contribute changes

Once you have made changes which you would like to contribute back to the main documentation, please make a pull request.

Translation process

Note: You will need to have a transifex account for this.

Navigate to our transifex project and click on the language you would like to translate. You will see a link Join Team. Click it and wait for approval (you will receive an email).

Once you receive the email you can head back to the transifex project page, click on your language again and then will have the possibility to choose a documentation chapter to translate. There is a Translate button after choosing a chapter.

If your language is not yet available, we will happily add it for you. Just open an issue and tell us which language you would like to translate it to.

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