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OpenGL SuperBible Example Code

This is the example code for the 6th Edition of OpenGL SuperBible.
The samples contained here mostly match up with the examples in the
book. There's a few extras here, and there's a few examples in the
book that don't have a runnable version here (either because they
are parts of the same application, or there just never was a finished

There's some basic building instructions in HOWTOBUILD.txt. Everything
should work with Visual Studio on Windows and GNU make on Linux. Mac
is now supported if you're running OS 10.9 (Mavericks) or newer. However,
some of the samples require features that are not supported by Mavericks
as it's a few OpenGL versions behind. There are some hokey bits here. If
you find serious issues, feel free to fix and send pull requests.

There will always be a snapshot at
The live repository is at