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OpenGnsys (pronounced Open Genesis) is a free and open source project that provides tools for managing and deploying different operating systems.
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The OpenGnsys Project (pronounced Open Genesis) brings together the combined efforts of several Spanish Public Universities to provide a number of free and open source tools for managing and deploying computers. These tools supply a complete, versatile and intuitive system that allows the arrangement, installation and deployment of different operating systems.

OpenGnsys is based on a modular architecture separated into different service layers which allows its implementation in several educational and organizational IT environments, both in a centralized or distributed way. The main management of the system is carried out by means of a simple web interface which supports delegated administration. OpenGnsys is also suitable for isolated environments, being able to work in network failure conditions (offline mode).

OpenGnsys website:

Installation notes

Please, read doc/INSTALL.en.txt (or doc/ for detailled instructions.

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