Create rails migration & docs for acts_as_noteworthy #12

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Maybe this should be a separate gem -- but right now it's part of govkit, and is separate from the SearchEngines classes.

It's an ActiveRecord mixin for adding "mentions" to newsworthy objects, like legislators or bills.

I think it needs better documentation and a Rails database migration.

It'd be nice if we could make it ORM-agnostic, also -- but that's perhaps a stretch.

@NateBarnes NateBarnes was assigned Jun 30, 2011

Alright opened up a pull request to address this one. I added a model and migration to the generator and some documentation to the involved classes.

While I was in there I also commented out the technorati references and removed the initialization of an OpenCongress key (though as always someone could add one, it just gives a deprecation warning).

I did not make it ORM-agnostic though, as the only method for doing so that I can think would be to maintain multiple models and migrations for just about every ORM's individual format. Personally, when I make an application that doesn't use the rails defaults I generally assume that I'm going to have to make some changes to the generated classes by other libraries. And at least they'll have the ActiveRecord defaults to look at when they're adapting it.

Of course if someone else has another idea, or thoughts on the matter, then feel free to let me know.


Thanks, Nate! This is a good cleanup. Yeah, it makes sense that it's not ORM agnostic right now.

Looking through the ActsAsNoteworthy stuff, does it seem like it should just be its own gem at some point?


I'm inclined to think that the SearchEngines and ActsAsNoteworthy sections should both be decoupled and incorporated into their own gem. Lots of things might need to be searched on or might need mentions of the in the media stored. Products, People, Locations, Companies, etc

Then we could just implement this theoretical media mentions gem for our own uses here in GovKit.

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