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Ruby wrappers for open government APIs around the web



Govkit is a Ruby gem that provides simple access to open government APIs around the web, including:

  • OpenCongress, which has an API for federal bills, votes, people, and news and blog coverage
  • The Open States project, which has a RESTful API for accessing data about state legislators, bills, votes, etc.
  • Project Vote Smart, which has an API with congressional addresses, etc.
  • Follow The Money, whose API reveals campaign contribution data for state officials.


From gemcutter:

gem install govkit


Add govkit to your environment.rb or Gemfile

Run rails generate govkit to copy a config file into config/initializers/govkit.rb. You will need to add your API keys to this config file.


>> GovKit::OpenStates::State.find_by_abbreviation('CA')
>> GovKit::VoteSmart::Address.find(votesmart_candidate_id)
>> GovKit::OpenCongress::Bill.find(:number => 5479, :type => 'h', :congress => '111')

Bugs? Questions?

Please join the Govkit Google Group, especially if you'd like to talk about a new feature and get announcements.

Report a bug on our Lighthouse page.

Govkit's main repo is on Github:, where your contributions, forks, and feedback are greatly welcomed.

Copyright (c) 2010 Participatory Politics Foundation, released under the MIT license

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