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OpenGovernment -- a project of the Participatory Politics Foundation
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app update crm links
autotest Crazy rails 3 merge
bin Move bill subject below title
config Changed cron MAILTO to
db change limit of motion column on votes
features Merge branch 'cleanup' of i…
install @ 145a234 Updated installer
lib fix load:ratings to only load current state if given
public Merge branch 'production'
script Install memcached gems and delayed_job
spec don't make district_spec vulnerable to Ruby 1.8 permutations
vendor/plugins add govkit to gemfile, remove from submodules
.gitignore Allow ThinkingSphinx search in integration tests.
.gitmodules add govkit to gemfile, remove from submodules
.powrc use Pow, as doesn't work anymore
.rspec README updates for testing; add factory_girl_rails; cleanup Admin con…
.rvmrc Switch to REE Add CDN image reference conventions to contributor's guide
Capfile New cap recipes dir
Gemfile update to latest rails
Gemfile.lock update to latest rails
Guardfile Add guard and guard-livereload gems to dev bundle; move hoptoad and s…
LICENSE OpenGovernment is licensed under GPL Lots of documentation / install updates Remove tech lead sentence
Rakefile Downgrading rake to 0.8.7; 0.9.0 is buggy Crazy rails 3 merge

OpenGovernment is a Ruby on Rails application for aggregating and presenting open government data.


This project powers and was started by the Participatory Politics Foundation.

We hope you'll get involved! Read our Contributors' Guide for details.

  • Mailing list: Join our developer list.
  • IRC: Find us in channel #opengovernment.
  • Development Roadmap: December 2012.
  • Project management & bug tracker: to come, will be updated Dec. 2012. Previously on Pivotal Tracker & Lighthouse.

Visit our Wiki for full installation instructions.

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