Boilerplate setup of SASS Bootstrap + Compass using `rem` as the base unit instead of `px`.
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⚠️ Bootstrap 4 Alpha is now out, and you should probably be using that instead! It very nicely handles rems and ems, though it does not support IE8.

Boilerplate setup of SASS Bootstrap + Compass using rem as the base unit instead of px. This also has sensible defaults added to give a strong vertical rhythm to your typography, to go nicely with Bootstrap's grid. This can be adapted for use with em instead of rem.

Rather than editing the original Bootstrap files, we've overridden or replaced them entirely, so updating Bootstrap should be easy.

Included libraries

In addition to the basic boilerplate, we've added a few optional things you should feel free to remove:

This package is built with the following tools:


  1. Install bower, sass, and compass.
  2. Run bower install
  3. Build the css with compass compile, or watch for local changes and continuously re-build with compass watch.


Here are the basic files you'll want to modify:

Other things in this package:


This is a derivative work of Bootstrap, and carries the same MIT license where applicable. The included packages have their own licenses where applicable.