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One of the biggest hurdles for government agencies to embrace Open Data is the ability to produce documents in a government-usable format. Well-formatted XML and machine-readable text are not government-friendly formats.

To solve this, the OpenGov Foundation has created .gov.ify, a tool which converts machine-friendly text into Government-ready PDFs.

These legible but closed-format documents can be easily used for any government purpose - or even printed and re-scanned for that extra level of in-house bureaucracy.


Govify requires ImageMagick and GhostScript. For example, to install the necessary dependencies on OS X, simply run:

brew install imagemagick ghostscript

You may be able to install the dependency similarly with your platform's package manager by runing the equivalent command with ack or yum.


./govify filename


  • Provide web front-end.
  • Add redaction based on keyword list.


We also have available the frontend to the govify.org website (PHP), which handles file uploads and the backend worker process (Python) which does the real work. Both integrate with the Rackspace Cloud API.