This is the Release of Beta Code base of the Open Government Platform (OGPL), which is a growing set of open source code that allows any city, organization or government to create an open data site. Below you'll see the code base for the Data Portal, its CMS, Data Management System (DMS) and Visitor Relationship Management (VRM). The Open Govern…
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Latest commit 0150223 Nov 19, 2013 @subhransusekhar subhransusekhar Broken Images Fixed

Open Government Platform - Beta

Release notes

  • Fix of OGPL-Alpha bugs
  • Added Community Support
  • Data Conversion API
  • Enhanced Role Management
  • Improved Matrices
  • Multiple customized theme support
  • Improved User Dashboard
  • Added Endorsement option for Received Suggestions/Ideas
  • Improved catalog page
  • Data Visualization Tool

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