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GSN-Based metacoin.

This a basic metacoin, with minimal modifications to support working through GSN, without the client paying for gas. You still need a wallet, but only for signing transactions, not paying for them.

See for the GSN project.

The Metacoin itself pays for all transactions.

Other than supporting GSN, the project added links to tenderly and etherscan, to ease seeing the various components on the blockchain

Running the project

The "TL;DR"

  1. Run yarn install
  2. Run yarn run gsn-with-ganache to run local ganache and bring up GSN contracts and relayer.
  3. In another terminal, run truffle migrate to install MetaCoin
  4. Run yarn run dev to run metacoin demo on http://localhost:8080
  5. open a browser, and you can mint, and send coins, with no eth in your (metamask) account
  6. you can also switch to ropsten/kovan/rinkeby to see it running there (or open it in


The gsn-with-ganache script above does 2 things:

  • Starts ganache with same chainId and networkId (to overcome limitation of Metamask)
  • calls npx gsn start, to start all GSN components locally.