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@kaikreuzer kaikreuzer released this Dec 17, 2018 · 96 commits to master since this release

This is the official release of openHAB 2.4.0.

The binaries are available on Bintray and via "Stable" on our APT repository.

New and Noteworthy

The openHAB 2.4 release contains many new features, enhancements and bug fixes, both for the core runtime and for many add-ons.
You can find the most relevant ones listed in detail below.

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Relevant Changes

Core Runtime

Type Issue# Change
Enhancements 5629 Added metadata console command
5643 Distinguish between no item found and no item for pattern in item console command
5648 Made max number of sitemap SSE subscriptions configurable
5721 Serialize degree celsius with °C instead of special character
5732 Added Dobson unit
5827 Made jmDNS handle network changes
5846 Added Bar unit
5882 Made jUPNP handle network changes
6031 Sorted Text-to-Speech options in console
6043 Sorted audio sink and source options in console
6051 Extended console command for things to show more information
6105 Added console command to remove inbox entries by thing UID or thing type
6130 Improved error reporting in inbox approve REST resource
6420 Added mbar unit
6425 Remove old mDNS discovery results from Inbox
6427 Performance improvements in registries
6480 Allow calling Timer#reschedule() after a timer has terminated
6504 Allow disabling of Things through console command and Paper UI
6563 Added Miligram per Cubic Metre unit
6575 Added Microwatt per Square Centimetre unit
6628 Upgraded to JmDNS 3.5.5
6673 Upgraded to JUPnP 2.5.1
396 Upgrade to Karaf 4.2.1
447 Added arm64 support for serial port access
Bug Fixes 4468 Fixed circular service reference in automation component
5683 Use media type json for thing's config status REST response
5690 Consider GroupItem's base dimension in arithmetic group functions
5696 Correctly support Dimmer and Color items in toggle profile
5698 Do not use invalid filenames on Windows for JSON storage
5707 Prevented exceptions when dealing with empty sitemap models
5726 Fixed Internal Server Error thrown by REST API on /{thingUID}/status
5910 Releasing of sitemap SSE subscriptions improved
6087 Fixed ClassCastException in mDNS client
6656 Suppressed EOFExceptions on chart image creation
372 Corrected rounding behaviour of decimal values in 1.x compatibility layer
426 Prevented NPEs if persistence service does not play nice

New Add-ons

The following add-ons are newly introduced with the 2.4 release:

Add-on Type Issue#
AirVisual Node Binding #2805
Dresden Elektronik deCONZ Binding #4213
DSMR Binding #3720
EnOcean Binding #3826
evohome Binding #2342
Google Cloud Text-to-Speech Voice #3721
GPSTracker Binding #3839
GROHE ONDUS Binding #3696
HABot UI #1
Homematic Binding #5695
KM200 Binding #1877
Konnected Binding #3702
Leap Motion Binding #3820
meteoblue Binding #4821
Modbus Binding #2246
MQTT Binding #5880
Neato Binding #1709
NEEO Binding #3191
NibeUplink Binding #2695
Nuki Binding #2019
OneWire Binding #4287
Open UV Binding #3595
OpenWeatherMap Binding #5694
Pico Text-to-Speech Voice #3125
PLCLogo Binding #2286
Powermax Binding #2225
SmartMeter Binding #2167
SolarEdge Binding #2770
Somfy Tahoma Binding #2503
SonyAudio Binding #4838
ValloxMV Binding #2990
Xiaomi Mi IO Binding #2548
Yeelight Binding #3582

2.x Add-on Changes

Add-on Type Issue# Change
amazonechocontrol Enhancements 3743 Amazon Devices - serial number location
4177 Mobile app based login, websocket for faster state update, new channels
Astro Enhancements 5854 Added shade length ratio channel
avmfritz Enhancements 3599 Refactored handler to use AIN for updating things instead of deriving it from the ThingID
3616 Fixed and streamlined thing status handling
3684 Preparation for FRITZ!OS 7
3775 Added deactivation of background discovery
3803 Added support for HAN-FUN devices
4051 Added handling for REFRESH commands
Basic UI Enhancements 5667 Consider item options for selection widget when no mapping is defined
6046 Show label and icon for Webview widgets
Bluetooth Enhancements 5885 Added BlueGiga USB dongle support
Blukii Bug Fixes 6564 Fixed temperature decoding
Bose Soundtouch Enhancements 5968 Improved thing status check
6346 Add containerArt if available
6555 Added stereo pair handling
Bug Fixes 5685 Fixed NullPointerException
6300 Fix discovery for Bose SoundTouch 300
Chromecast Enhancements 4032 Upgrade API client to 0.10.4
4325 Added support of Units of Measurement (UoM), added representation property and translations
Classic UI Enhancements 5666 Consider item options for selection widget when no mapping is defined
6415 Added dynamic icon support for Setpoint widget
CoolMasterNet Bug Fixes 3660 Fix NPEs, stop refreshJob when disposing bridge, add null annotations
3726 Fix NPEs, restart refreshJob on Thing updates
3731 Fix NumberFormatException during refresh
denonmarantz Bug Fixes 3745 SurroundProgram was assigned to the wrong ChannelGroup
digitalSTROM Bug Fixes 5673 Fixed some issues with newer dSS firmware
DSCALARM Bug Fixes 3650 Various Bug Fixes
Freebox Enhancements 3864 Make Thing discovery configurable
Fronius Bug Fixes 3694 Fix the NullPointerException
3749 Fixed the NullPointerException if timeout response received
3828 Fixed the NullPointerException if timeout by evaluate the status
gardena Enhancements 3678 Added support for Irrigation Control
3850 Fixed hanging reconnect and added missing error codes
3862 Added manual watering timer to turn the smart pressure pump on/off
4269 Ignore known gateway properties
Bug Fixes 4109 Fixed device offline when device property is missing
GroheOndus Enhancements 3902 Add support for GROHE SENSE device
HABPanel Enhancements 307 Close #306 - knob: Formatting options for value display
311 Update slider.widget.js - add more options
315 Pass unused openHAB events on for other components to use
Bug Fixes 308 Fix #300 - hide empty labels
310 Allow formatting of UoM item states
330 Fixed display of selected choice in selection widget
336 Use strict comparator for current selection widget choice
337 Button: apply format & transformation on state value
338 Button widget icon follows underlying item state
HD PowerView Bug Fixes 3470 Fix quoted ID issue
4248 Scene Fix
HomeBuilder Enhancements 417 Support for semantic labels
Homematic Enhancements 5826 Added duty cycle channel for bridges
5928 Restrict Bin/XmlRpcServer to specified callback host address
5963 Added support for configuration of device parameters
6633 Added STATE_CONTACT support for all HMIP-SWDO devices
Bug Fixes 6113 Leave the binrpc connection open for a configurable time
Hue Enhancements 5946 Added support for bulbs using CIE XY colormode only
6511 Added support for sensors
Bug Fixes 6629 Fixed brightness of 1 shown as OFF
HueEmulation Enhancements 4216 Support Coloured bulbs & other improvements
iCloud Enhancements 4209 Adding system low battery channel and french localization
Bug Fixes 3919 Solved SSL errors after iCloud API switched to new certificate
4329 Improved the ONLINE / OFFLINE lifecycle
innogy Enhancements 3642 Added missing channels to wall mounted thermostat
jeelink Enhancements 3822 Ignore buffer size in case update interval is 0
3846 Add units of measurement
3855 Add support for TX22 sensors and connected TX23 & TX26 sensors.
4215 Cancel cyclic status update task on disposal of Pca301SensorHandler
KNX Enhancements 3433 Add Color Channel
4208 Added MainType: 4 and 8
4258 Extend *-control channels
4298 Replace spaces in GA config string
Kodi Enhancements 3530 Feature Kodi currenttime & duration
3631 Added new channel 'genreList'
3747 Streamlined and fixed deactivation of background discovery
3774 Fixed duration for unknown media sources
3785 Added deactivation of background discovery
4125 Added advanced channels for audio codec and video codec
4164 Switched to shared instance of WebSocketClient
4188 Improvements in handling system commands
kostalinverter Enhancements 3593 Incorporated new QuantityType (Units of Measurement)
3604 Added German translations
LGWebOS Bug Fixes 4292 Fixed README Examples and ONLINE/OFFLINE flapping
LIFX Enhancements 6476 Added support for LIFX Beam (ID 56) and temperature ranges
Bug Fixes 5922 Some bugfixes
lutron Enhancements 2325 Add support for legacy Lutron HomeWorks (RS232) processors.
3787 Add enhanced keypad and VCRX Support
4031 Update initialization and device state logic in RA2 device handlers
4152 Add support for Radio RA2 Timeclock and Green Mode control
Bug Fixes 4056 Bridge connection resiliency improvements
max Enhancements 3506 Incorporated new QuantityType (Units of Measurement)
3795 Considered 'error' flag to set thing to OFFLINE
3901 Reduced logging levels
Bug Fixes 1789 Fix for concurrency issue and small cleanups
3810 Fixed wrong timestamp in logs
mcp23017 Bug Fixes 3833 Fix for input pins not being initialized
meteostick Enhancements 3662 Allow configurable spoon, UoM support, bug fixes
3675 Advanced channels for wind statistics
3831 Consistently wrap rain counters
Bug Fixes 3746 Avert CME by synchronizing all iterations
miele Enhancements 2804 Added support for Miele coffee systems.
MiHome Enhancements 3865 Add Aqara Cube & fix flapping state
3881 Add units of measurement for Temperature, Humidity and Pressure sensors
3897 Add Smart Vibration Sensor & Switch aith Accelerometer & more
3907 Add Aqara Lock
4202 Fixed Update of magnet sensorStatus from heartbeat's
4268 Fix json format error and add support for Aqara mini wireless switch
4279 Added another model type for new Aquara switch
4295 Add basic thing type for yet unsupported models
4300 Add model remote.b286acn01
Bug Fixes 4133 Fix bridge timeout timer
4137 Corrected handling of short/double press
Milight Enhancements 4192 Fix spawing of endless timers. Add increase/decrease support for channel "color".
4341 Use any free port instead of fixed port on client-side for bridge communication
modbus Enhancements 4276 Support for 64 bit integers on read & write
Nest Enhancements 3695 Performance improvements
Bug Fixes 3794 Prevent race conditions when NestStreamingRestClient reconnects
netatmo Enhancements 3336 Introducing Planning capability for Thermostat module.
3551 Automatic discovery of things without the need of a user request
3793 Automatic search of the refresh interval
4266 Added NPE safe-guard
Bug Fixes 3629 Fix various issues
3791 Fix a potential resource leak (webhook servlet)
Nibe Heat Pump Enhancements 3552 Added support for F750 pump model
4171 Throttle incoming messages support
4326 Fixed issue related to linked channels
nibeuplink Enhancements 4272 Improved handling of configuration / fixed handling of configuration updates
nikohomecontrol Enhancements 3669 Implementation of thermostats for NHC I.
Bug Fixes 4141 Fix thermostat parameter.
Onkyo Enhancements 3863 Add support for TX-NR708 receiver
4118 Add support for device TX-NR575E
4223 Add volume scaling variants
openhabcloud Bug Fixes 3804 Fixed NullPointerException
Paper UI Enhancements 5708 Sort bindings in inbox scan alphabetically
5709 Sort filter options alphabetically
5812 Sort Thing properties by key name alphabetically
5813 Sort bindings in 'Scan for Things' dialog alphabetically
6159 Added validation for location parameters
Bug Fixes 5706 Fixed drag & drop order in rules editor
robonect Bug Fixes 3713 Fix MANUAL mower mode not working and wrong documentation
Seneye Enhancements 4251 Add disconnected, slideserial, outofwater, wrongslide channels - new pull
somfytahoma Enhancements 4131 Added support for the Window Handle thing
Sonos Enhancements 5682 Added a dynamic state options
Bug Fixes 5927 Fixed discovery with firmware 9.0
squeezebox Bug Fixes 3889 Fix 60-second squeeze server reconnect
4157 Fix for ArrayIndexOutOfBounds exception
4294 Synchronized to stop ConcurrentModificationException from happening
Synop Enhancements 4065 Added UoM to Synop analyzer.
tado Enhancements 3630 Automatically recover things from offline state
tellstick Enhancements 2994 Added support for Power and Lux sensor values from the Telldus Live.
Bug Fixes 4231 Fix for broken binding
Tesla Enhancements 3607 Update of the Tesla API implementation
Bug Fixes 4218 Allow vehicle to sleep to fix vampire drain
tplinksmarthome Enhancements 3572 Added support for HS210 and HS220, and some improvements
4255 Discovery package timeout gets more time, clear cache before discovery
Bug Fixes 3884 Missing colorTemperature channel update
TRADFRI Enhancements 5973 Added support for OnOff Plugs
6376 Smoother transition for color commands
Bug Fixes 6079 Suppressed 'old firmware' warning in some situations
6193 Fixed gateway connection losses
ValloxMV Enhancements 4239 Switched to shared instance of WebSocketClient
WeatherUnderground Enhancements 5501 Added a bridge for accounts to easily allow multiple locations
WifiLED Enhancements 4211 Missing WHITE2 parameter while updating item
YamahaReceiver Enhancements 3700 Party mode, scene, compatibility fixes and tests
4314 Add representation-property for Zones
Bug Fixes 4155 Fixing NPE while refreshing timer and add XML descriptor for RX-V775
yeelight Bug Fixes 4246 Fix brightness handling
Zigbee Enhancements 169 Static thing definitions
224 Integrate ZigBee console into the ZigBee binding.
229 Improve level control converter to update conditional on the on/off state
238 Add water sensor channel
250 Remove the node from the ZigBeeNetworkManager when the thing is removed
252 Provide option in Ember to use boost mode (and make default) and set tx power
254 Add door lock state channel
255 Initial code additions for setting join key, and support for Ember coordinator
258 Add ASH protocol statistics channels
275 Add stack compliance level to the device properties
Bug Fixes 292 Use reporting for battery voltage instead of battery rated voltage
ZWave Enhancements 895 Add UoM support for temperature sensor
942 Refactor color converter
978 Add UoM for luminance
1028 Ignore any configuration updates that do not change values
1037 Add door_sensor channel from door lock command class
1042 Alarm and multilevel sensor report updates
1074 Implemented CLOCK/CLOCK_GET

1.x Legacy Add-on Changes

Add-on Type Issue# Change
Cardio2e Enhancements 5620 Added as new binding
ekey Bug Fixes 5621 Fix values in thrown exceptions
EpsonProjector Bug Fixes 5616 Prevent NullPointerException
Fritzboxtr064 Enhancements 5484 Synchronized access to fritzbox.
5603 replaced printStackTrace statement by proper logging
5656 replaced the trim method, to get rid of white spaces in between the tel numbers
MapDB Bug Fixes 5591 Fix new items not immediately persisted, upgrade to mapdb-1.0.9
MQTT Bug Fixes 5596 Fix UTF-8 encoding issues.
MySQL Persistence Enhancements 5699 Updated connector to version 8.0
NetworkUPSTools Bug Fixes 5626 Prevent ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsExceptions during configuration update
PLCBus Enhancements 5707 Fix addon crash when two commands are sent in quick succession
Plex Bug Fixes 5669 Eliminate a potential Null Pointer Exception in the getHost method
Serial Enhancements 5633 Added setting to select charset for string encoding
Telegram Enhancements 5721 Add support for file protocol
Twitter Action Enhancements 5605 Updated to new Character Limit
velux Enhancements 5647 Support for Velux Solar Blinds added
Weather ForecastIo Enhancements 5582 Get UV-Index and Wind Gust from
Zibase Enhancements 5630 Added support for new devices and fixed a some bugs
Bug Fixes 5624 Fixed bug in cleaning the zibase message buffer

Upgrade Process


If you are working with an openHABian setup, the upgrade is quite easy. Regardless of if you are currently using the openHAB 2.4 stable release or one of the latest 2.4 SNAPSHOT builds, switching to openHAB 2.4.0 stable is done in just a few steps:

  1. Connect to the SSH command line and execute: sudo openhabian-config
  2. Select the "Update" option
  3. Wait for the openHABian update to finish, reenter the openHABian configuration tool
  4. Select the "openHAB 2.4.0 stable" option

Package-based Installations

For package based installations, you may be asked to replace some configuration files in /var/lib/openhab2. For best results select yes at each of these prompts. Old configurations can be found in the same place, but with dpkg-old appended to it.


Make sure that openHAB is sourced from the latest location, has the correct GPG signing key and that your system can download .deb packages via HTTPS by following the instructions for a stable installation in the docs.

If the above is correct, simply upgrade by using:

sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get upgrade

Alternatively, you can force apt to install 2.4.0 and its optional add-ons with:

sudo apt-get install openhab2=2.4.0-1

## optional addons for offline installation ##
sudo apt-get install openhab2-addons=2.4.0-1
sudo apt-get install openhab2-addons-legacy=2.4.0-1


openHAB is also distributed in RPM packages. To use them, make sure that openHAB is sourced from the latest location, and has the correct GPG signing key for verification by following the stable installation instructions outlined in the docs.

If the above is correct, then simply upgrade using your systems package manager (yum, dnf, etc.)

sudo yum update

Alternatively, you can force apt to install 2.4.0 and its optional addons with:

sudo yum install openhab2-2.4.0

## optional addons for offline installation ##
sudo yum install openhab2-addons-2.4.0
sudo yum install openhab2-addons-legacy-2.4.0

Manual Installations

Offical update scripts are available that let you update your 2.3 installation to version 2.4:


  1. Change to your openHAB root directory (e.g. cd /opt/openhab2)

  2. If you are upgrading from a version after and including 2.2.0, then simply run the command:

sudo ./runtime/bin/update 2.4.0
  1. If you are upgrading from a version before 2.1.0, you can download and run the update script in one command using:
sh -c "$(curl -fsSL" -- 2.4.0

Breaking Changes that Require Manual Interaction after the Upgrade

Deprecated Add-ons

As there are now new versions of the

  • enocean
  • modbus
  • mqtt

bindings, their version 1 has been moved to the legacy add-ons, which means that you need to activate "legacy add-on support" (in your addons.cfg or through Paper UI) in order to keep using them.

Also note that Yahoo has shut down their weather API, so although the Yahoo Weather binding is available in the distro, it unfortunately won't function anymore.

Astro Binding

The 'kilometer' and 'miles' channels have been replaced by a new 'distance' channel

Jeelink Binding

The 'currentWatt' and 'maxWatt' channels have been replaced with 'currentPower' and 'maxPower' channels

Milight Binding

  • The various available bulb types do not appear in the Paper UI Inbox anymore.
    The correct bulb need to be added manually.
  • The bulb "zone" is now a configuration. Bulb Things need to be recreated to apply this change.

WeatherUnderground Binding

A bridge has been added on top of the current things, you need to add a bridge containing your api-key.

ZWave Binding

Major changes have been merged to support features such as security. All things must be deleted and re-added. Refer to for further information.

Synop Binding

This binding is now using UoM. 'wind-speed-ms' and 'wind-speed-knots' channels have been replaced by a single 'wind-speed' channel.

Amazonechocontrol Binding

The account thing does not have settings anymore. The new version will not longer store your amazon credentials. You have to login at amazon once again through the proxy server http(s):///amazonechocontrol. This will create a refresh token which is internal stored for the authentication. Furthermore is the polling replaced through a web socket connection.

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