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@kaikreuzer kaikreuzer released this Jan 12, 2020 · 25 commits to master since this release

openHAB 2.5.1 is a small patch release that is fully backward compatible with 2.5.0.
It contains version 2.5.0 of the core runtime bundles.
Note that the dashboard footer therefore still shows "2.5.0 Release Build", even if you have the 2.5.1 distro installed.

The following changes are shipped with 2.5.1:


Type Issue Change
Bug Fixes 1041 Fixed missing dashboard if addons.kar is installed
1051 Removed yahooweather items
1046 Removed duplicate entry for from demo pom.xml
166 Fixed bundle symbolic name for HABPanel
Enhancements 1041 Changes required for delivering patch releases for 2.5
1059 Use the latest 1.14.x add-on from Maven


Add-on Type Issue Change
amazonechocontrol Bug Fixes 6617 Fixed typo in log
chromecast Bug Fixes 6711 Fixed IAE when downloaded image is 'null'
6744 Stop stream instead of throwing NPE
deconz Enhancements 6716 Added support for ZHAFire sensors
enocean Bug Fixes 6519 Ignore messages with unknown RORG
groheondus Bug Fixes 6760 Do not require users to configure timeframe for waterconsumption
harmonyhub Bug Fixes 6636 Harmony discovery fix
homematic Enhancements 6720 add missing homematic-ip devices #6623
Bug Fixes 6530 Make lookup table for device description case insensitive
innogysmarthome Bug Fixes 6721 Fix Dimmer / Rollershutter / Gen 1 devices and Pushbutton
kodi Bug Fixes 6627 Fixed assignment of values for channels 'userrating' and 'rating'
6809 Strip URL parameters from the end of the file extension
Logreader Bug Fixes 6786 Changed FileTailer to use own executor service
mail Enhancements 6648 update smtp server name to have it consistent
max Enhancements 6692 Max always update channels & avoid config updates
miio Enhancements 6448 Added device strings
6567 Add indicator light channel for Mi-Power plug
6778 Xiaomi Robot Vacuum Status and Error Codes added.
6779 Xiaomi Robot Vacuum Channel "state_code" and "error_code" added
Bug Fixes 6615 Fixed wrong channel for vacuum thing
mqtt Enhancements 6704 Enable discovery timeout reset
6755 Allow outgoing format
Bug Fixes 6589 [homeassistant] fix state/command values for switches
network Enhancements 6770 Fix misleading latency values
opensprinkler Enhancements 6731 Show if a station is queued and allow to remove it from the queue
Bug Fixes 6649 Fix type cast exception
6650 Adapt to breaking api changes of opensprinkler
pioneeravr Bug Fixes 6616 Fixed typo in log
satel Bug Fixes 6772 Fixes for arming in mode 1
somfytahoma Bug Fixes 6797 Added checks to omit null type mismatch errors
sonos Enhancements 6705 Discovery of Sonos One SL
Bug Fixes 6765 Avoid resuming a wrong playlist after a notification
Telegram Enhancements 6736 Support data URI scheme for base64 encoded images
tesla Enhancements 6677 Re-add force refresh channel and other small improvements
Bug Fixes 6638 Fixed Model X thing-type id
6768 ignore unknown types and prevent NPEs
toon Enhancements 6802 Removed Toon binding
tplinksmarthome Enhancements 6773 Added support for KP303
Bug Fixes 6774 Fix typo thing xml kl110 devices
6776 Fix special characters in data
6803 Added socket timeout avoids block
valloxmv Bug Fixes 6709 Typo in folder name prevents binding from working correctly
yeelight Bug Fixes 6644 Fix autodiscovery with multiple network interfaces. (#6643)
Zigbee Enhancements 546 Temperature measurement server
547 Add state description for fan mode sequence
ZWave Enhancements 1222 Add serial port reconnection logic (Closes #1213)
1282 Add alarm_combustiblegas channel
1285 Add notification_siren channel
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