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DoorBird Integration

The (limited) possibilities the API supports can be used based on openHAB standard functionality:

Live Video

Integration directly in sitemap:

Video url="http://<doorbird-user>:<doorbird-password>@<doorbird-ip>/bha-api/video.cgi" encoding="mjpeg"

Live Image

The integration could be done similarly to Live Video, i.e. directly in the sitemap:

Image url="http://<doorbird-user>:<doorbird-password>@<doorbird-ip>/bha-api/image.cgi"

However, this feature is more useful if used in combination with a rule - e.g. to save an image every time the motion sensor was triggered (this essentially creates a surveillance camera):

rule "Save Image when Motion Detected"
        Item DoorBird_MotionSensor received command ON
        var t = now
        var cmd = 'wget http://<doorbird-user>:<doorbird-password>@<doorbird-ip>/bha-api/image.cgi -O /var/doorbird/'
        cmd = cmd + t.getYear
        if (t.getMonthOfYear < 10) cmd = cmd + '0'
        cmd = cmd + t.getMonthOfYear
        if (t.getDayOfMonth < 10) cmd = cmd + '0'
        cmd = cmd + t.getDayOfMonth
        if (t.getHourOfDay < 10) cmd = cmd + '0'
        cmd = cmd + t.getHourOfDay
        if (t.getMinuteOfHour < 10) cmd = cmd + '0'
        cmd = cmd + t.getMinuteOfHour
        if (t.getSecondOfMinute < 10) cmd = cmd + '0'
        cmd = cmd + t.getSecondOfMinute
        cmd = cmd + '.jpg'


        sendCommand(DoorBird_MotionSensor, OFF)

The above script simply creates a filename in the format YYYYMMDDHHMMSS.jpg and puts it into /var/doorbird. Ensure that directory permissions are set accordingly.

Open Door

Item definition using HTTP binding:

Switch DoorBird_DoorOpener "DoorBird Door Opener" (DoorBird)  { http=">[ON:GET:http://<doorbird-user>:<doorbird-password>@<doorbird-ip>/bha-api/open-door.cgi]"

Light On

Item definition using HTTP binding:

Switch DoorBird_DoorOpener "DoorBird Door Opener" (DoorBird)  { http=">[ON:GET:http://<doorbird-user>:<doorbird-password>@<doorbird-ip>/bha-api/light-on.cgi]"

History Images

Integration directly in sitemap (20x):

Image url="http://<doorbird-user>:<doorbird-password>@<doorbird-ip>/bha-api/history.cgi?index=1


Item definition using HTTP binding:

Switch DoorBird_MotionSensor_Register "DoorBird - Register Motion Sensor" (DoorBird) { http=">[ON:GET:http://<doorbird-user>:<doorbird-password>@<doorbird-ip>/bha-api/notification.cgi?url=http://<openhab-ip>:<openhab-port>/CMD%%3FDoorBird_MotionSensor%%3DON&user=<openhab-user>&password=<openhab-password>&event=motionsensor&subscribe=1] >[OFF:GET:http://<doorbird-user>:<doorbird-password>@<doorbird-ip>/bha-api/notification.cgi?url=http://<openhab-ip>:<openhab-port>/CMD%%3FDoorBird_MotionSensor%%3DON&user=<openhab-user>&password=<openhab-password>&event=motionsensor&subscribe=0]" }
Switch DoorBird_DoorBell_Register "DoorBird - Register Door Bell" (DoorBird) { http=">[ON:GET:http://<doorbird-user>:<doorbird-password>@<doorbird-ip>/bha-api/notification.cgi?url=http://<openhab-ip>:<openhab-port>/CMD%%3FDoorBird_DoorBell%%3DON&user=<openhab-user>&password=<openhab-password>&event=doorbell&subscribe=1] >[OFF:GET:http://<doorbird-user>:<doorbird-password>@<doorbird-ip>/bha-api/notification.cgi?url=http://<openhab-ip>:<openhab-port>/CMD%%3FDoorBird_DoorBell%%3DON&user=<openhab-user>&password=<openhab-password>&event=doorbell&subscribe=0]" }
Switch DoorBird_DoorOpen_Register "DoorBird - Register Door Open" (DoorBird) { http=">[ON:GET:http://<doorbird-user>:<doorbird-password>@<doorbird-ip>/bha-api/notification.cgi?url=http://<openhab-ip>:<openhab-port>/CMD%%3FDoorBird_DoorOpen%%3DON&user=<openhab-user>&password=<openhab-password>&event=dooropen&subscribe=1] >[OFF:GET:http://<doorbird-user>:<doorbird-password>@<doorbird-ip>/bha-api/notification.cgi?url=http://<openhab-ip>:<openhab-port>/CMD%%3FDoorBird_DoorOpen%%3DON&user=<openhab-user>&password=<openhab-password>&event=dooropen&subscribe=0]" }

This then also requires additional items to receive the notifications:

Switch DoorBird_MotionSensor "DoorBird Motion Sensor Triggered" (DoorBird)
Switch DoorBird_DoorBell "DoorBird Door Bell Triggered" (DoorBird)
Switch DoorBird_DoorOpen "DoorBird Door Opener Triggered" (DoorBird)

Note: providing a user and password for the callback is not mandatory in case basic HTTP authentication is not enabled in openHAB.