FS20 Binding

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FS20 Binding

This binding enables support of sending and receiving FS20 messages via the CUL transport. You will need CULLite or similiar device from busware.de. This device needs to be flashed with the latest culfw firmware from culfw.de.

Installation and Configuration

See CUL Transport for general configuration options (such as serial device parameters).

In the openhab.cfg you simply need to specify the device to use. For example


Item configuration

You can use SwitchItems and DimmerItems with this binding. You need to know the house address and device address of the device you want to receive messages or send messages to. To find these addresses you can start openhab in debug mode. The CUL transport will print all out all received messages. A sample switch configuration looks like this

Switch  WallSwitch1     "Wandschalter 1"                {fs20="C04B00"}

where C04B is the house address and 00 the device address. If you want to control switches or dimmers you can simply create you own house and device address. You can set such devices in a pairing mode and they will react to the first message they receive.

Coming from FHEM?

In the fhem.cfg you find such statements:

define AmbiLight FS20 c04b 01

Just write the last "words" together and you have the full address you need for your item (see above).

Networked connection with ser2net

To use a networked CUL device for FS20 from ser2net, this line in /etc/ser2net.conf on the remote host will publish the serial interface (replace /dev/ttySP1 with whatever is appropriate):

3333:raw:0:/dev/ttySP1:38400 8DATABITS NONE 1STOPBIT



you can connect to this remote CUL.

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