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A good source of inspiration and tips from users gathered over the years. Be aware that things may have changed since they were written and some examples might not work correctly.

Please update the wiki if you do come across any out of date information.

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Author: Tobias Jüttner, Date: 10/28/2015


  1. LCN Quick-Reference
  2. Configuration Guide
  3. Items Configuration Guide
  4. LCN Demo
  5. Examples

1. LCN Quick-Reference

1.1 LCN Modules

Active LCN components connected to the LCN bus are called LCN modules. LCN modules are addressed by their numeric id: Valid range is 5..254

In larger buildings, a second topologic layer is added: segments. Valid range is 5..128 or 0 (= no segments exist) or 3 (= target all segments)

Examples: S000M005, S011M100

LCN modules within the same segment can be grouped: Valid range is 5..254 or 3 (= target all groups)

Examples: S000G022, S011G111

1.2 LCN Firmware Versions

Each LCN module has a feature-set based on its firmware version. This version is written as follows: [year since 1990][month][day]

Each component is written in hexadecimal with 2 characters. Examples:

  • 090101 = 1. january 1990
  • 0D0C01 = 1. december 2003
  • 170206 = 6. feb. 2013

1.3 LCN Output-Ports

LCN modules support 2 to 4 analog output-ports (number depends on firmware version). Status values are always in percent.

Modules since 170206 have a 0.5%-steps resolution. Older modules have a 2%-steps resolution.

The time it takes the output-port to reach its set-point is called ramp.

1.4 LCN Variables

LCN modules support:

  • 3 or 12 (since 170206) analog variables for general usage
  • 2 regulator set-points
  • 5 or 4x4 (since 170206) thresholds (trigger levels)
  • 4 S0-input counters (LCN-BU4L must be connected)

1.5 LCN Regulators (additions to variables)

LCN modules have 2 regulators. Each one has a set-point and uses one variable as its value-source (see LCN Variables).

1.6 LCN Relays

LCN modules support up to 8 relays. If no hardware-relays are connected, the relays can still be used as virtual.

1.7 LCN Binary-Sensors

LCN modules support up to 8 binary-sensors (hardware periphery must be connected).

1.8 LCN LEDs (legacy name: lamps)

12x multi-state variables used for logic operations.

Values: 0(OFF), 1(ON), 2(BLINK), 3(FLICKER)

1.9 LCN Logic-Operations (legacy name: sums)

4x multi-state variables representing the result of associated LEDs.

Values: 0(NOT), 1(OR), 2(AND)

1.10 LCN Keys

LCN keys are data-points with bound commands. LCN modules support 3 ("A-C") or 4 ("A-D") key-tables (number depends on firmware version).

Each key-table holds 8 keys. Examples: A1, A7, D8

Each key has 3 command types: HIT(press), MAKE(long press), BREAK(long press release)

Some of these keys can be locked which means the bound (LCN-)commands cannot be executed (via LCN)!

2. Configuration Guide

The openHAB LCN binding connects to one or more LCN-PCHK instances via TCP/IP. This means 1 unused LCN-PCHK license is required!

The minimum recommended version is LCN-PCHK 2.8 (older versions will also work, but lack some functionality). Visit for updates.

2.1 Example configuration for a connection


This defines a connnection (#1) to LCN-PCHK on localhost port 4114. myhome will be the connection's unique identifier (connid, used in openHAB mapping-definitions). address can be any IP or host name. The port (:4114) is optional.

mode specifies the operation mode of the LCN bus:

  • LCN busses with solely modules with firmware 170206 (feb. 2013) or newer use native200 (means: output-ports have 200 dimming steps)
  • All other LCN busses use native50 (means: output-ports have 50 dimming steps)

This is an important setting as the operation mode is programmed into the LCN modules by LCN-PRO. If you experience unexpected behavior while dimming output-ports, the connection is probably in the wrong operation mode!

For older versions than LCN-PCHK 2.8: Use percent50 and percent200 instead (loses some precision).

2.2 Adding a second connection (#2)


More connections are defined by incrementing the appended counter (2 in the example).

Do not skip any numbers! GOOD: 1,2,3,4 BAD: 1,3,4

2.3 Advanced settings

lcn:timeout1=2000 <- Timeout for requests in milliseconds (default = 3500)

3 Items Configuration Guide

LCN items are defined by mapping openHAB commands to LCN commands:

Example item with 2 mappings:

Switch exampleItem "my text" {lcn="[openHABcmd:connid:lcncmd...], [openHABcmd:connid:lcncmd...], ..."}
  • openHABcmd: ON, OFF, INCREASE, DECREASE... (must be replaced when using the examples)
  • connid: Unique identifier for the LCN connection. Always myhome in the examples here
  • lcncmd...: What to do

Everything is case-insensitive.

Visualization of an item is done as follows:

  • With an explicit visualization mapping ("best practice")
  • or implicitly by analyzing all present mappings ("lazy")

A visualization-mapping should always be the first one specified (before all others)!

The benefits of an explicit visualization mapping: By explicitly telling the openHAB item where to get the current status from, it is possible to visualize one thing, but control something completely different!

3.1 LCN Addresses

Examples for S000M005:

openHABcmd:connid:0.5...  ("M" is implicit if missing)

Examples for S000G011:


3.2 LCN Output-Ports

Switch S000M005, output-port 2 (no ramp):

Switch exampleO2 "M005 output-port 2" {lcn="[myhome:OUTPUT_STATUS.0.5.2], [ON:myhome:ON.0.5.2], [OFF:myhome:OFF.0.5.2]"}

The same using lazy visualization and ramp 10s:

Switch exampleO2 "M005 output-port 2" {lcn="[ON:myhome:ON.], [OFF:myhome:OFF.]"}

Visualize S000M005, output-port 3 current value (percent):

Number exampleO3 "M005 output-port 3 [%d]" {lcn="[myhome:OUTPUT_STATUS.0.5.3]"}

Relative output-port commands:

  • +10.5% output-port 2: [openHABcmd:myhome:ADD.,5%]
  • -5% output-port 2: [openHABcmd:myhome:SUB.]
  • alternative for -5%: [openHABcmd:myhome:REL.0.5.2.-5%]

Dimmer S000M005, output-port 2 (5% steps):

Dimmer exampleO2 "M005 output-port 2 [%s]" {lcn="[myhome:OUTPUT_STATUS.0.5.2], [INCREASE:myhome:ADD.], [DECREASE:myhome:SUB.], [%i:myhome:DIM.0.5.2.%i]"}

"%i"-mapping is required for HABDroid

Toggle S000M005, output-port 2: [openHABcmd:myhome:TOGGLE.0.5.2]

with ramp 10s: [openHABcmd:myhome:TOGGLE.] (also valid: 0,5s,1second,10seconds,30sec)

Dim S000M005, output-port 2 to 66,5%: [openHABcmd:myhome:DIM.0.5.66,5%]

with ramp 10s: [openHABcmd:myhome:DIM.,5%.10s]

Note: ON/OFF/DIM/TOGGLE also support "all outputs an once": Replace the output-port (1,2,3,4) with ALL.

The only allowed unit for ramps is seconds!

3.3 LCN Variables

Variables can be shown and changed using several measurement units:

  • lcn (internal native/raw format)
  • °C / °Celsius / Celsius
  • °K / °Kelvin / Kelvin
  • °F / °Fahrenheit / Fahrenheit
  • lx / Lux (for periphery connected to the LCN module's I-port)
  • lx_T / Lux_T (for periphery connected to the LCN module's T-port)
  • m/s
  • %/ Percent (used for humidity)
  • ppm (used for CO2)
  • V / VOLT
  • A / Amp / Ampere
  • ° (angle) / Degree

All these alternative spellings can be used.

Visualize S000M0005, Var 2/12:

String exampleVar2 "M005 Var 2 temperature [%s °C]" {lcn="[myhome:VAR_VALUE.0.5.2.°C]"}
String exampleVar2 "M005 Var 2 [%s]" {lcn="[myhome:VAR_VALUE.0.5.2]"}

Visualize S000M0005, Regulator 1 Set-Point:

String exampleSetPoint1 "M005 regulator 1 set-point [%s °C]" {lcn="[myhome:SETPOINT_VALUE.0.5.1.°C]"}

Set-point control to change regulator 1:

Number exampleSetPoint "M005 regulator 1 set-point [%f °C]" {lcn="[myhome:SETPOINT_VALUE.0.5.1.°C], [%i:myhome:SETPOINT.0.5.1.%i°C]"}
Number exampleSetPoint "M005 regulator 1 set-point [%f °C]" {lcn="[%i:myhome:SETPOINT.0.5.1.%i°C]"}  <- Short form

Visualize S000M0005, threshold 3-4 (register is 3!):

String exampleT34 "M005 threshold 3-4 [%s °C]" {lcn="[myhome:THRESHOLD_VALUE.°C]"}

Visualize S000M0005, S0-input 3/4 (requires LCN-BU4L connected to the LCN module):

String exampleS0 "M005 S0-input 3 [%s]" {lcn="[myhome:S0_VALUE.0.5.3]"}

3.4 Changing Variables

Example S000M005, variable 7:

  • Add 10°C: [openHABcmd:myhome:VAR_ADD.°C]
  • Sub 10°C: [openHABcmd:myhome:VAR_SUB.°C] or [openHABcmd:myhome:VAR_REL.0.5.7.-10°C]
  • Add raw value 15: [openHABcmd:myhome:VAR_ADD.] or [openHABcmd:myhome:VAR_ADD.]
  • Reset to 0: [openHABcmd:myhome:VAR_RESET.0.5.7]
  • Set to 10°C: [openHABcmd:myhome:VAR.°C]

Example S000M005, set-point regulator 2

  • Add 1°C: [openHABcmd:myhome:SETPOINT_ADD.°C]
  • Reset to 0: [openHABcmd:myhome:SETPOINT_RESET.0.5.2]
  • Set to 10°C: [openHABcmd:myhome:SETPOINT.°C]

Example S000M005, threshold 3-4 (register is 3!):

  • Add 10,5°C: [openHABcmd:myhome:THRESHOLD_ADD.,5°C]

3.4.1 Special Cases

  1. VAR and VAR_RESET with modules before 170206: If the command's target is an LCN group, those older modules require special commands to work: VAR_OLD, VAR_RESET_OLD
  2. Thresholds with modules before 170206: Older modules only have threshold register 1 (but 5 instead of 4 values!). If the command's target is an LCN group, those older modules require special commands to work: THRESHOLD_ADD_OLD, THRESHOLD_SUB_OLD, THRESHOLD_REL_OLD
  3. VAR: If the command's target is LCN group number 4, the value of the variable will be sent as status message. This makes it possible to send 12 status messages per segment and fetch these values by the modules.

3.5 LCN Regulators (additions to variables)

Lock/unlock S000M005, Regulator 1/2:

Switch exampleLockReg2 "M005 reg.2 lock/unlock" {lcn="[ON:myhome:LOCK_REGULATOR.0.5.1], [OFF:myhome:UNLOCK_REGULATOR.0.5.1]"}

Visualize S000M005, Regulator 2/2 lock-state:

Contact exampleLockReg1 "M005 reg.2 lock-state" {lcn="[myhome:REGULATOR_LOCK_STATE.0.5.2]"}

3.6 LCN Relays

Switch S000M005, relay 6/8:

Switch exampleRelay6 "M005 relay 6" {lcn="[ON:myhome:RELAYS.0.5.-----1--], [OFF:myhome:RELAYS.0.5.-----0--]"}

Visualize S000M005, relay 6:

Contact exampleRelay6 "M005 relay 6/8" {lcn="[myhome:RELAY_STATE.0.5.6]"}

More command examples:

Toggle relay 1, turn OFF relays 5+6, turn ON relays 7: [ON:myhome:RELAY.0.5.T---001-]

3.7 LCN Binary-Sensors

Visualize S000M005, Binary-Sensor 4/8:

Contact exampleWindow "M005 bin.sensor 4" {lcn="[myhome:BINARY_STATE.0.5.4]"}

3.8 LCN LEDs (legacy name: lamps)

Visualize S000M005, LED 8/12 numeric state:

Number exampleLed8 "M005 LED 8 [%d]" {lcn="[myhome:LED_STATE.0.5.8]"}

Visualize S000M005 LED 8 text state:

String exampleLed8 "M005 LED 8 [%s]" {lcn="[myhome:LED_STATE.0.5.8]"}

Visualize S000M005 LED 8 state with custom texts:

String exampleLed8 "M005 LED 8 [%s]" {lcn="[myhome:LED_STATE.0.5.8.myOFFtext.myONtext.myBLINKtext.myFLICKERtext]"}

Switch S000M005 LED 8 on/off (lazy visualization):

Switch exampleLed8 "M005 LED 8 on/off" {lcn="[ON:myhome:LED.0.5.8.ON], [OFF:myhome:LED.0.5.8.OFF]}

Switch S000M005 LED 8 blink/flicker (lazy visualization):

Switch exampleLed8 "M005 LED 8 on/off" {lcn="[ON:myhome:LED.0.5.8.FLICKER], [OFF:myhome:LED.0.5.8.BLINK]}

3.9 LCN Logic-Operations (legacy name: sums)

Visualize S000M005 logic-op. 3 numeric state:

Number exampleOp3 "M005 logic-op. 3 [%d]" {lcn="[myhome:LOGICOP_STATE.0.5.3]"}

Visualize S000M005 logic-op. 3 text state:

String exampleOp3 "M005 logic-op. 3 [%s]" {lcn="[myhome:LOGICOP_STATE.0.5.3]"}

Visualize S000M005 logic-op. 3 state with custom texts:

String exampleOp3 "M005 logic-op. 3 [%s]" {lcn="[myhome:LOGICOP_STATE.0.5.3.myNOTtext.myORtext.myANDtext]"}

3.10 LCN Keys

Sending keys (a.k.a. execute bound commands):

Example: S000M005, keys A1,A5,D8

  • "hit": [openHABcmd:myhome:KEYS.0.5.A1A5D8] or [openHABcmd:myhome:KEYS.0.5.A1A5D8.HIT]
  • "make": [openHABcmd:myhome:KEYS.0.5.A1A5D8.MAKE]
  • "break": [openHABcmd:myhome:KEYS.0.5.A1A5D8.BREAK]

Sending keys deferred/delayed:

Example: S000M005, keys A1,A5,D8

  • "hit" in 10s: [openHABcmd:myhome:KEYS.0.5.A1A5D8.10s] (range 1..60, also valid: 1second,10seconds,30sec)
  • "hit" in 10m: [openHABcmd:myhome:KEYS.0.5.A1A5D8.10m] (range 1..90, also valid: 1minute,10minutes,45min)
  • "hit" in 1h: [openHABcmd:myhome:KEYS.0.5.A1A5D8.HIT.1h] (range 1..50, also valid: 1hour,24hours)
  • "hit" in 7d: [openHABcmd:myhome:KEYS.0.5.A1A5D8.HIT.7d] (range 1..45, also valid: 1day,7days)

"make"/"break" is NOT supported!

Change lock-state S000M005 lock C1, unlock C2, toggle C7:


Switch S000M005, show lock-state of key C4, control lock-state of C4,C5,C5:

Switch exampleC456 "M005 C4(,C5,C6) lock" {lcn="[myhome:LOCK_STATE.0.5.C4], [ON:myhome:LOCK.0.5.C.---111--], [OFF:myhome:LOCK.0.5.C.---000--]"}

The same using lazy visualization (will visualize C4, as it is the first key in the list):

Switch exampleC456 "M005 C4 lock" {lcn="[ON:myhome:LOCK.0.5.C.---111--], [OFF:myhome:LOCK.0.5.C.---000--]"}

Lock keys A1,A2,A3 for 10m: [openHABcmd:myhome:LOCK.0.5.A1A2A3.10m]

Same time-values as KEYS command. Only table A is supported!

3.11 Misc Commands

Dynamic text for LCN-GTxD displays (support 4 independent text rows):

Example: S000M005 row 1/4:

[openHABcmd:myhome:DYNTEXT.0.5.1.text up to 60 characters]

The text will be encoded as UTF-8 which means non-ASCII characters will reduce the total available length.

Other commands can be sent by using the LCN-PCK format.

There will be no implicit lazy visualization for these commands!

Beep S000M005 4 times (must be allowed => LCN-PRO):

  • tone 1: [openHABcmd:myhome:PCK.0.5.PIN4] (range 1..15)
  • tone 2: [openHABcmd:myhome:PCK.0.5.PIS004]

Store current output-port value(s) as light-scene 6/10:

  • store output 1: [openHABcmd:myhome:PCK.0.5.SZS1005] (range is 0..9)
  • store output 2: [openHABcmd:myhome:PCK.0.5.SZS2005]
  • store output 3(+4): [openHABcmd:myhome:PCK.0.5.SZS4005]

Storing multiple outputs at once: 1+2+3(+4): SZS7, 1+2: SZS3, 1+3: SZS5, 2+3: SZS6

Recall light-scene 6/10:

recall output 1: [openHABcmd:myhome:PCK.0.5.SZA1005] (range is 0..9)

Same as store, just SZAx instead of SZSx.

Change light-scene register:

to register 5/10: [openHABcmd:myhome:PCK.0.5.SZW004] (range is 0..9)

4. LCN Demo

ISSENDORFF KG has a LCN-demo set-up that is reachable via internet.




Contact lcnMotionDetect "Motion detect" {lcn="[lcndemo:BINARY_STATE.0.5.4]"}
Contact lcnRelayVis "Relay" {lcn="[lcndemo:RELAY_STATE.0.5.1]"}
Switch lcnRelay "Relay" {lcn="[ON:lcndemo:RELAYS.0.5.1-------], [OFF:lcndemo:RELAYS.0.5.0-------]"}
Switch lcnLightSwitch "Light" {lcn="[ON:lcndemo:ON.], [OFF:lcndemo:OFF.]"}
Dimmer lcnLightDimmer "Light [%s]" {lcn="[lcndemo:OUTPUT_STATUS.0.5.1], [INCREASE:lcndemo:ADD.], [DECREASE:lcndemo:SUB.], [%i:lcndemo:DIM.0.5.1.%i]"}
Number lcnCounter "Counter [%d]" {lcn="[lcndemo:VAR_VALUE.0.5.1]"}
String lcnTemp "Temperature [%s °C]" {lcn="[lcndemo:VAR_VALUE.0.5.2.°C]"}
String lcnSetPoint "Set-point [%s °C]" {lcn="[lcndemo:SETPOINT_VALUE.0.5.1.°C]"}
Number lcnSetPointDim "Set-point (10-23°C) [%f °C]" {lcn="[lcndemo:SETPOINT_VALUE.0.5.1.°C], [%i:lcndemo:SETPOINT.0.5.1.%i°C]"}
String lcnRegulatorTarget "Regulator [%s]" {lcn="[lcndemo:OUTPUT_STATUS.0.5.3]"}
Switch lcnRegulatorLock "Regulator lock" {lcn="[ON:lcndemo:LOCK_REGULATOR.0.5.1], [OFF:lcndemo:UNLOCK_REGULATOR.0.5.1]"}
String lcnBright "Brightness [%s lx]" {lcn="[lcndemo:VAR_VALUE.0.5.3.lx]"}
String lcnCO2 "CO2 [%s ppm]" {lcn="[lcndemo:VAR_VALUE.0.5.4.ppm]"}
String lcnThreshold1 "Threshold 1 [%s °C]" {lcn="[lcndemo:THRESHOLD_VALUE.°C]"}
String lcnThreshold2 "Threshold 2 [%s °C]" {lcn="[lcndemo:THRESHOLD_VALUE.°C]"}
String lcnThreshold3 "Threshold 3 [%s °C]" {lcn="[lcndemo:THRESHOLD_VALUE.°C]"}
String lcnThreshold4 "Threshold 4 [%s °C]" {lcn="[lcndemo:THRESHOLD_VALUE.°C]"}


sitemap default label="LCN Demo"
    Frame label="Coffee" {
        Text item=lcnMotionDetect
        Text item=lcnRelayVis
        Switch item=lcnRelay icon="none"
        Switch item=lcnLightSwitch
        Slider item=lcnLightDimmer
        Text item=lcnCounter
        Text item=lcnTemp
        Text item=lcnSetPoint
        Setpoint item=lcnSetPointDim step=0.5 minValue=10 maxValue=23
        Text item=lcnRegulatorTarget
        Switch item=lcnRegulatorLock
        Text item=lcnBright
        Text item=lcnCO2
        Text item=lcnThreshold1
        Text item=lcnThreshold2
        Text item=lcnThreshold3
        Text item=lcnThreshold4

Visualization (through LCN-GVS)

Address: -> OpenHAB

Direct address:

Login: guest

Password: lcn

5. Examples

All examples use S000M005 or S000G006

5.1 LCN Output-Ports




5.2 LCN Variables

Measurement units:

  • lcn
  • °C, °Celsius, Celsius
  • °K, °Kelvin, Kelvin
  • °F, °Fahrenheit, Fahrenheit
  • lx, Lux, lx_T, Lux_T
  • m/s
  • %, Percent
  • ppm
  • V, Volt
  • A, Amp, Ampere
  • °, Degree


[openHABcmd:myhome:VAR_OLD.°C]  <- For group-targets before 170206
[openHABcmd:myhome:VAR_RESET_OLD.0.5.1]  <- For group-targets before 170206








5.3 LCN Regulators (additions to variables)


5.4 LCN Relays

[openHABcmd:myhome:RELAYS.0.G6.----TTTT]  <- Toggle

5.5 LCN Binary-Sensors


5.6 LCN LEDs (legacy name: lamps)


5.7 LCN Logic-Operations (legacy name: sums)


5.8 LCN Keys


[openHABcmd:myhome:KEYS.0.5.A1A5D8.10s]    (range 1..60, also valid: 1second,10seconds,30sec)
[openHABcmd:myhome:KEYS.0.5.A1A5D8.10m]    (range 1..90, also valid: 1minute,10minutes,45min)
[openHABcmd:myhome:KEYS.0.5.A1A5D8.HIT.1h] (range 1..50, also valid: 1hour,24hours)
[openHABcmd:myhome:KEYS.0.5.A1A5D8.HIT.7d] (range 1..45, also valid: 1day,7days)

"make"/"break" is NOT supported!

[openHABcmd:myhome:LOCK.0.5.D.------TT]  <- Toggle


Only table A is supported!

5.9 Misc Commands

[openHABcmd:myhome:DYNTEXT.0.5.1.text in row 1]
[openHABcmd:myhome:DYNTEXT.0.5.4.text in row 4]