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MCP23017 Binding

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Documentation of the MCP23017 binding Bundle


This binding provides native access for MCP23017 16 bit bidirectional I/O expander on I2C bus. Please consider datasheet for IC for future information.

This binding will be available from 1.9.0 onwards or is available from corresponding snapshot. Attention: This binding is not available in download packages earlier than 1.9.0. Anyhow it works nicely with OpenHab 1.8.3. Simply copy jar file found on Openhab cloudbees server into addons subdirectory and restart Openhab service.

Generic Item Binding Configuration

Since MCP23017 is digital IO expander on I2C bus, only two types of items are supported: Contact for pins that used as digital input and Switch for digital output. Find the example below.

Binding Configuration in openhab.cfg

No special configuration within openhab.cfg is needed.

Item Configuration

Contact Test1 "Test 1" (Tests) { mcp23017="{ address:21, pin:'A0', mode:'DIGITAL_INPUT'}" }

configures pin 0 at bank A (GPA0 on datasheet) as input of the IC on address 0x20

Switch Test2 "Test 2" (Tests) { mcp23017="{ address:21, pin:'B1', mode:'DIGITAL_OUTPUT', defaultState:'LOW'}" }

configures pin 1 at bank B (GPB1 on datasheet) as output of the IC on adress 0x21

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