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This binding integrates PiXtend Raspberry- / Banana-Pi interface board into openHAB.

It is based on PiXtend4J and is intended to be used with the original (or a compatible) Firmware. To be able to use this Binding, you need to run openHAB on the Pi physically connected to your PiXtend board. If you prefer running your main openHAB Instance on another host, you can connect the PiXtend-OpenHAB as slave instance (e.g. via MQTT-Eventbus Binding).


Currently there are no global configuration options (openhab.cfg) available.

You can bind any Input or Output of the PiXtend to an openHAB Item. As Inputs and / or Outputs may also be "virtual", they will be called "Data Port" within this document.

To bind an Item to a data-port, use the port Identifier. Identifiers that can be read are always published as openHAB-states, whereas identifiers that support write only listen to openHAB-commands.

The following Identifiers are currently available:

Identifiers:   AI0 AI1 AI2 AI3
Description:   Analog Inputs 0-3
Supports:      Read
Data Type:     Decimal

Identifiers:   DI0 DI1 DI2 DI3 DI4 DI5 DI6 DI7
Description:   Digital Inputs 0-7
Supports:      Read
Data Type:     Open / Closed (=High/Low)

Identifiers:   GPIO0 GPIO1 GPIO2 GPIO3
Description:   Analog Inputs 0-3
Supports:      Read & Write
Data Type:     Read: Open / Closed (=High/Low), Write: ON / OFF

Identifiers:   REG_STATUS
Description:   Uc Status Register
Supports:      Read
Data Type:     Decimal

Description:   Uc Firmware version
Supports:      Read
Data Type:     String

Identifiers:   RESET_UC
Description:   Performs a Uc Reset (only if "ON" is received)
Supports:      Write
Data Type:     ON/OFF

Identifiers:   AO0 AO1
Description:   Analog Outputs 0-1
Supports:      Write
Data Type:     Decimal

Identifiers:   DO0 DO1 DO2 DO3 DO4 DO5
Description:   Digital Outputs 0-5
Supports:      Write
Data Type:     ON / OFF

Identifiers:   REL0 REL1 REL2 REL3
Description:   Digital Outputs 0-3
Supports:      Write
Data Type:     ON / OFF

To bind your Item to a DataPort simply use the Identifier as binding String:

Switch "PiXtend Relais 1" {pixtend=REL1}
String "Pixtend Firmware Version" {pixtend= FIRMWARE_VERSION}

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