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SagerWeatherCaster Binding

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The SagerWeatherCaster is scientific instrument for accurate prediction of the weather.

Binding Configuration

To operate, this binding will need to use items provided by other means (e.g. Weather Binding, Netatmo, a 1-Wire personal weather station...)

openhab.cfg Config

sagercaster:latitude : latitude of the observed items

sagercaster:persistence : name of the persistence service to use when searching past values for wind direction and sea level pressure. Default persistence service will be used if nothing filled here.

Here is an example;


Generic Item Binding Configuration

Input items

Number winddirection ... {sagercaster="windbearing"} : The wind direction expressed in 0-360°. **This item has to be persisted** 

Number seapressure ... {sagercaster="sealevelpressure"} : The Seal Level Pressure, expressed in hPa. **This item has to be persisted**

Number cloudlevel ... {sagercaster="cloudlevel"} : The current cloud level, expressed in %

Switch israining ... {sagercaster="raining"} : An item indicating wether it's raining or not. This item **must be a SwitchItem** 

Number beaufort ... {sagercaster="windspeed"} : Windspeed, **expressed in Beaufort Index**

Here are the list of items you can put in your .items file in order to use binding functionalities :

Group  swc "SagerWeatherCaster"

// Items directly derived from inputs
String swc_compass 		"Wind Orientation [%s]" 								(swc) { sagercaster = "compass" }
Number swc_windtrend 	"Wind Trend [MAP(sager/]" 				(swc) { sagercaster = "windtrend" }
Number swc_presstrend 	"Pressure Tren [MAP(sager/]" 			(swc) { sagercaster = "pressuretrend" }

// SagerWeatherCaster Forecast Items
String swc_forecast 	"Weather Forecast [MAP(sager/]" 		(swc) { sagercaster = "forecast" }
String swc_velocity 	"Wind Forecast [MAP(sager/]" 		(swc) { sagercaster = "velocity" }
Number swc_windfrom 	"Wind varying from [MAP(sager/]" 	(swc) { sagercaster = "windfrom" }
Number swc_windto 	"Wind varying to [MAP(sager/]" 	(swc) { sagercaster = "windto" 	}

Observation delay

You'll have noticed that some inputs for the binding needs to be persisted. SagerWeatherCaster needs an observation period of minimum 6 hours to start producing outputs.


Sager Transform Files This files shall be placed in a /configurations/transform/sager folder for human readable results of the SagerWeatherCaster algorithm

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