Samples WAC Binding

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Our WAC systems use default modbus data provided by Arduino barebones e.g. a Debian Rasberry server kit all year long. Binding is compatible with latest models since 2013' See Examples of typical WAC Bindings, if you have any suggestions or questions don't hesitate to contact us or use our Github account. The snapshot version of our industry4.0 binding can be downloaded, together with the rest of openhab.

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 * Error 
Contact 	HeatError 				"Plate Heat Frost Protection [MAP(]" 
									<siren> { modbus = "wxwacC:0" }
Contact 	FireError				"Fire alarm: [MAP(]" 
									<fire> {modbus="wxwacC:1"}
Contact 	FilterError				"Dirty Filter alarm [MAP(]"
									<siren> { modbus =  "wxwacC:2" }
Contact 	FanError				"Fans alarm [MAP(]"
									<siren> { modbus = "wxwacC:3" } 

//4 is missing?
Contact 	LowPowerError			"LowPower alarm [MAP(]"
									<energy> { modbus = "wxwacC:5" }
Contact 	TemperatureExtractError	"Temperature sensor alarm [MAP(]"
									<siren> { modbus = "wxwacC:6" }
Contact 	TemperatureExhaustError	"Exhaust air temperature sensor alarm [MAP(]"
									<siren> { modbus = "wxwacC:7" }
Contact 	TemperatureImitError	"Supply air temperature sensor alarm [MAP(]"
									<siren> { modbus = "wxwacC:8" }
Contact 	RHError					"DTJ(100) humidity sensor alarm \n
<br/><small>(controller works in determing the moisture content of 70%)</small> [MAP(]" <siren> { modbus = "wxwacC:9" }
Contact 	ReturnWaterError		"Return water temperature sensor alarm [MAP(]"
									<siren> { modbus = "wxwacC:10" }
Contact 	TemperatureOutDoorError "Outside air temperature sensor alarm \n
<br/><small>(controller continues to work in determing 
<br/>ToutDoor less than zero degree)</small>"
									<siren> { modbus = "wxwacC:11" }

 * Status Fields
Contact 	MotorActive  			"Fans [MAP(]" 
									<fan> { modbus = "wxwacC:12" }
Number 		Motor1 					"Motor 1 fan speed value [%s]" 
									<fan> { modbus = "wxwacI2:0"} 
Number 		Motor2 						"Motor 2 fan speed value [%s]" 
									<fan> { modbus = "wxwacI2:1"}
Number 		Speed 						"Fans speed Settings [%s]" 
									<fan> { modbus = "wxwacH:0"}

Number 		InDumpper 				"Outside air damper actuator [%.1f &#37;]" 
									<procentage> { modbus = "wxwacI1:0" }

Contact 	Preheater 				"Preheater indication" 
									<sensor> { modbus = "wxwacC:15" }
Contact 	Heater 					"Heater indication" 
									<sensor> { modbus = "wxwacC:15" }

Number 		TemperatureSetPoint 	"Supply air temperature set [%.1f °C]" 
									<temperature> { modbus = "wxwacH:1"} 
Number 		TemperatureLimit 		"Supply air temperature value [%.1f °C]" 
									<temperature> { modbus = "wxwacI2:3"}

Number 		RH_value 				"DTJ(100) humidity sensor value [%.1f &#37;]" 
									<procent> { modbus = "wxwacI2:0"}

Number 		TemperatureExhaust 		"DTJ(100) temperature sensor value [%.1f °C]" 
									<temperature> { modbus = "wxwacI2:4"}
Number 		TemperatureExtract 		"Exhaust air temperature sensor value [%.1f °C]" 
									<temperature> { modbus = "wxwacI2:5"}
Number 		TemperatureOutDoor 		"Outside air temperature sensor value [%.1f °C]" 
									<temperature> { modbus = "wxwacI2:6"}
Number 		TemperatureWater 		"Return water temperature value [%.1f °C]" 
									<temperature> { modbus = "wxwacI2:7"}




############################### Modbus Binding ########################################
# sets refresh interval to Modbus polling service. 
# Value in milliseconds (optional, defaults to 200)

# host (mandatory)

# The data type, can be "coil" "discrete" "holding" "input"

# the TCP port (optional, defaults to '502')

# The slave id (optional, defaults to '1')

# The slave start address (optional, defaults to '0')

# The number of data item to read
# (optional, defaults to '0' - but set it to something meaningful)

### Air Dumper

### Fan temp and Air Temperature

### misc 


import org.openhab.core.library.types.*
import org.openhab.core.persistence.*
import org.openhab.model.script.actions.*
import java.lang.Math

rule "Change Filter Message by Mail"
    Item FilterError changed
    if( (FilterError.state as StringType) != "Ok" ){
    	send("", "Please change the Filter for you Westaflex Air Control unit.")


sitemap WAC label="Main"
	Frame label="Westaflex Air Control" {
		Text label="Settings" icon="climate" {
			Frame label="Inside" {
				Setpoint item=TemperatureSetPoint minValue=0 maxValue=30 step=1
			Frame label="Outside" {
				Text item=TemperatureOutDoor
				Text item=InDumpper /* minValue=0 maxValue=90 step=1 */
			/* maybe to technical for normal usage */
			Frame label="Motor Settings" {
					Text item=MotorActive
					Setpoint item=Speed minValue=0 maxValue=4 step=1 
					Setpoint item=Motor1 minValue=0 maxValue=3 step=1
					Setpoint item=Motor2 minValue=0 maxValue=3 step=1
		Text label="Maintenance" icon="settings" {
			Frame label="Environment" {
				Text item=HeatError
				Text item=FireError  
				Text item=TemperatureExtractError
				Text item=TemperatureExhaustError
				Text item=TemperatureImitError 
				Text item=RHError 
				Text item=TemperatureOutDoorError 
			Frame label="System"{
				Text item=FilterError  
				Text item=LowPowerError 
				Text item=ReturnWaterError
		Text label="Statistics" icon="pie" {
			Text label="Consumption" icon="pie" {
				Text label="by Date" icon="pie"{
					Frame {
						Text item=MotorActive
					Frame label="Hourly" {
						Chart item=Motor1 period=H refresh=10000
						Chart item=Motor2 period=H refresh=10000
						Chart item=Preheater period=H refresh=10000
						Chart item=Heater period=H refresh=10000
					Frame label="Weekly" {
						Chart item=Motor1 period=W refresh=10000
						Chart item=Motor2 period=W refresh=10000
						Chart item=Preheater period=W refresh=10000
						Chart item=Heater period=W refresh=10000
					Frame label="Monthly" {
						Chart item=Motor1 period=M refresh=10000
						Chart item=Motor2 period=M refresh=10000
						Chart item=Preheater period=M refresh=10000
						Chart item=Heater period=M refresh=10000
					Frame label="Yearly" {
						Chart item=Motor1 period=Y refresh=10000
						Chart item=Motor2 period=Y refresh=10000
						Chart item=Preheater period=Y refresh=10000
						Chart item=Heater period=Y refresh=10000
				Text label="by Consumer" icon="pie" {
					Frame {
						Text item=MotorActive
					Frame label="Motor 1"{
						Chart item=Motor1 period=H refresh=10000
						Chart item=Motor1 period=W refresh=86400
						Chart item=Motor1 period=M refresh=86400
						Chart item=Motor1 period=Y refresh=86400
					Frame label="Motor 2"{
						Chart item=Motor2 period=H refresh=10000
						Chart item=Motor2 period=W refresh=86400
						Chart item=Motor2 period=M refresh=86400
						Chart item=Motor2 period=Y refresh=86400
					Frame label="Preheater"{
						Chart item=Preheater period=H refresh=10000
						Chart item=Preheater period=W refresh=86400
						Chart item=Preheater period=M refresh=86400
						Chart item=Preheater period=Y refresh=86400
					Frame label="Heater"{
						Chart item=Heater period=H refresh=10000
						Chart item=Heater period=W refresh=86400
						Chart item=Heater period=M refresh=86400
						Chart item=Heater period=Y refresh=86400
			Text label="Environment" icon="pie" {
				Frame {
		            Text item=TemperatureOutDoor
		        Frame {
		            Chart item=TemperatureOutDoor period=D refresh=10000
		            Chart item=TemperatureOutDoor period=W refresh=10000
		            Chart item=TemperatureOutDoor period=M refresh=86400
		            Chart item=TemperatureOutDoor period=Y refresh=86400

-=not set

-=not set


Tradename Tags Keynote Shortcut
WAC metal components Industry4.0 HVAC
New generation of ERV Energy Recovery Ventilation Systems in multi-zone modular or ceiling installation. It's perfect for the needs of craftsmen.
Quadroflex metal-to-metal-joint any-shape tube Fittings
Westaflex products are used in a variety of applications including automotive production, train technology (ICE ventilation), for the air supply and ventilation of living spaces, exhaust technology and water treatment.
Modbus Utility, SCADA, Statistics RS-232, RS-485 DIY, Maker
Modbus is a serial communications protocol for use with its programmable logic controllers (PLCs). Modbus enables communication between many (approximately 240) devices connected to a supervisory computer with a remote terminal unit (RTU) in supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) systems.
Westaflex aluminium, stainless steel, plastic since 1933 SME
Westaflex is a manufacturer of HVAC appliances, commercial equipment, based in Gütersloh, Germany. It was founded as a family business and has always been a privately held, family-owned, family-run company.

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