Tellstick Binding

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Documentation for tellstick binding


Binding is tested against Tellstick DUO, it should also work with a basic Tellstick.

Supports RF 433 Mhz protocols like: Nexa, HomeEasy, X10, CoCo (KlikAanKlikUit), Oregon e.o.
See further information from

Tellstick binding support currently Sensors (Temperatur and Humidity) and Devices (Switch, Dimmable and Dimmable without absolute level)

For installation of the binding, please see Wiki page Bindings. The addon must be downloaded from$org.openhab.binding.tellstick/ until we get it packaged into the addons zip.

Binding Configuration

First of all you need to make sure that your JVM is matching your installed Telldus Center. This normally means OpenHab must run on a 32bit JVM for windows and a 64bit JVM for linux. For windows the binding is hardcoded to look for Telldus Center in Programs Files ("C:/Program Files/Telldus/;C:/Program Files (x86)/Telldus/"). If you have trouble getting the telldus core library to work you can modify the library path using

tellstick:library_path="FOLDER OF tellduscore dll/so"

If you don't have a Tellstick Duo or the number of device events is less than 1 every 10 minutes you should increase the max_idle option in the Tellstick settings file:


You will have to use Telldus Center to add all your devices. It is also easiest to find the sensor ID by using the Telldus Center. To configure a device you need the name and type of device, to configure a sensor you need the ID and Type of sensor. I recommend using tdtool -l to list all your devices and sensors. Run OpenHAB in debug mode to see that everything starts up correctly and that you are receiving sensor/device updates.

The item configuration for devices is:

  • The deviceName must match the name in Telldus Center.
  • The deviceType is either: Command for on/off, DimmingLevel for absolute dimmable device.
  • SpecialCase is used for the dimmable without absolute level(devices that is dimmable with clicking twice). For this case use Dimmable as specialCase.
  • ResendCount is just number of times to resend command.

The item configuration for a sensor is:

  • SensorId is the sensorId taken from Telldus Center or debug logs.
  • ValueType is either Temperatur or Humidity, based on sensor.
  • UseValueType is for special cases where the value in ValueType is actually something else, supports BatteryLevel (Humidity:BatteryLevel) and Motion (Temperature:Motion). This is implemented for homemade temp/humid and motion sensor Forum.
  • Protocol if you have multiple sensors with same ID you might need to specify the protocol to make it unique

##Configuration examples


 Switch	GF_Dining_Aquarium "Aquarium" <aquarium> {tellstick="Aquarium:Command"}

Dimmer without absolute (dims when clicking on button twice):

Switch	GF_Kitchen_Wall "Wall"  { tellstick="Kitchen Backwall:Command:Dimmable:1" }

Temp sensor:

Number	GF_Kitchen_Temp	"Temperature [%.1f °C]"	<temperature> {tellstick="14:Temperature"}

Temp sensor with protocol defined:

Number      GF_Temp "Temperature [%.1f °C]" <temperature> { tellstick="21:Temperature:Temperature:oregon" }

Wind sensor

Number      Outside_Wind_Avg "Wind Average [%d]"  <wind>  { tellstick="22:WindAvg" }                  

Battery Level

Number	GF_Kitchen_Battery "Battery [%d]" <battery> { tellstick="82:Humidity:BatteryLevel" }

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