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openhab Get Snapshot

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Shell-scripts to update to a snapshot-build


If you are experimenting with the latest openHAB-snapshots, it can be quite annoying to download all nightly-packages, extract them, update all files and addons and copy/replace the configuration files, every time.

To automate this process there are two shell-scripts for Linux available.

Script 1

New Version (2015/1/18: script supports weather-binding and grafana)

the script is a quick-and-dirty-script to download a new openHAB Snapshot to a new folder.

Usage is [nnn] , where nnn is the Build-Number. When nn is not set, will download the youngest Build. Since Version 1.5.0 two different Versions are built, so look at the Version!

All "dynamic" configurations (Which Designer should be downloaded? Is demo needed? What's with GreenT? Want HABmin also? Which addons should be activated?) are set in config-file. This File is per default stored under /etc/default/getsnap but this path can be set in the Script.

The script will create a subdirectory under (per default) /srv/openhab/ with the name version-nnn (e.g. 1.3.0-461), then download all configured packages to a sub-subdirectory zips/ (at least runtime and addons), unzip the packages, move configured addons and link configurations/, etc/ and webapps/images/ to /srv/openhab/subdir/. The new runtime-path is symlinked to /opt/openhab.

At the end, all that has to be done is

cd /opt/openhab


All addons are unzipped to runtime/addons_inactive, then the configured addons are moved to runtime/addons/. So it is easy to activate more addons by moving the addons and reconfigure /etc/default/getsnap.

A assumption is, that all user-specific Stuff resides in

/srv/openhab/configurations       #the configs

/srv/openhab/etc                  #for persistence-data

/srv/openhab/webapps/images       #images for the UI

/srv/openhab/webapps/static       #uuid & secret for my.openhab

/srv/openhab/webapps/grafana      #grafana-stuff

/srv/openhab/webapps/weather-data #weather-binding-stuff

which makes it necessary to move or copy the data first (only once).

All delivered configurations/ are moved to configurations_old/, just as etc/ is moved to etc_old/ and webapps/images/ is moved to webapps/images_old/, so no new data is lost (e.g. new openhab.cfg-entrys)

Script 2

This script overwrites all files of the defined openhab-folder. The packages you want to update can be specified in the script. (see filelist, addonlist). You can also define file names to be excluded from the update process.

Script 3

Add-on to old Version of Script 1 to install & configure the latest master of HABmin as well as the rev of openHAB selected.

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