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@EliasGabrielsson EliasGabrielsson released this Aug 4, 2019 · 850 commits to master since this release

Finally, we have Raspberry Pi 4 support! 🚀
To achieve that we have upgraded our base operation system to Raspbian Buster.

As usual you will get upgrades continuously by updating the tool from the openhabian-config menu.
We will not automatically update your already installed base system (i.e stretch -> buster) - don't fix what ain't broken. Debian stretch will be at least supported two more years. If you are eager to upgrade read up on dist-upgrade or reinstall your system.

Noteworthy changes since last image release:

  • New base OS: Raspbian Buster
  • Java versions will now update again on ARM devices (was stalled).
  • Newer version of Grafana is installed (also stalled).
  • InfluxDB and Grafana have a more flexible and automated installation procedure.
  • Changed to openhab as default hostname in favor of openhabian.
  • Pre-built PINE64 image has been dropped. Users are recommended to install an Armbian Buster system and manually apply openHABian explained here.
  • A feature called ZRAM is added as an optional package to minimize wearout on your SD card.

You find the image below under assets ⤵︎

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