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openHABian v1.7.4b Latest
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· 19 commits to main since this release

Minor release to catch up with latest patches.
Raspi imager now will offer to select latest openHABian image.

Beware that running in 64 bit has a major drawback: increased memory usage.
That is not a good idea on a heavily memory constrained platform like a RPi.

A NOTE IF YOU HAVE ANY TROUBLE getting openHABian to work: please check out the DEBUG guide.

Full Changelog: v1.7.4...v1.7.4b

You'll find the image below under assets ⤵︎

SHA256 checksums:
  • 32 bit image (xz-compressed): 1a8d1f0509c3615fc076ae453c61db50623e3043a5021145bbd50ba3f0184d9c
  • 32 bit image (extracted): c1850a1df5447a2d580feeae6ae83960fc443cd321a80d8deef1e85837e561dc
  • 64 bit image (xz-compressed): a715152606a64e4a8615fb1565153342009f745acb1ecf4ec3d29d10c9e941be
  • 64 bit image (extracted): e5d62803fbaf6bac58428eae5283d6b2d10af90305fb82753c745ff9182f967f