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This is a guide for open source projects looking to prepare for an event such as a workshop, hackathon, or sprint.

To contribute, you can submit a pull request, file an issue in the issue tracker, or email the main author.

This document is licensed CC BY.

For Developers

To install the project, fork this repository and clone it to your computer.

If you don't have it installed, you may need to get pypi-install by running (on Debian and its derivatives):

sudo apt-get install python-stdeb

Then, get the dependencies for the project by typing the following two commands (on Debian and its derivatives):

sudo apt-get install python-sphinx
sudo pypi-install sphinx-bootstrap-theme

You may also need to install GNU make, which is usually available on Debian via one of the following:

sudo apt-get install build-essential # Also installs a bunch of compilers, useful for other projects too
sudo apt-get install make # Installs only the base utility, less useful in a broad sense

Once you've installed the dependencies, you can render the project by typing:

make html

You will find the rendered pages in _build/html. A good place to start looking around is index.html.