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import collections
# FIXME: Automate the creation of this via the last run
# e.g. git log --since='Wed Dec 5 22:57:06 2012 +0000'
GIT_LOG_OUTPUT = open('/tmp/output').read()
ParsedLogItem = collections.namedtuple('ParsedLogItem', 'author full_string commit')
NextSteps = collections.namedtuple('NextSteps', 'people_to_ban')
def split_into_lines(s):
ret = []
this_one = []
for line in s.split('\n'):
line = line.rstrip()
if line.startswith('commit'):
if this_one:
this_one = []
return ret
def parse(list_of_line_lists):
for line_list in list_of_line_lists:
assert (type(line_list) == list)
yield parse_line_list(line_list)
def parse_line_list(l):
full_string = '\n'.join(l)
author = None
for line in l:
if line.startswith("Author:"):
author = line.split()[1]
if line.startswith("commit "):
commit = line.split()[1]
assert author
assert commit
return ParsedLogItem(full_string=full_string, author=author, commit=commit)
def list_authors(data):
for thing in sorted(set([ for datum in data])):
print "*", thing
def review_author(data):
print 'Here is a list of authors:'
name = raw_input('Who do you want to review?')
just_by_them = [k for k in data
if == name.lower()]
for commit in just_by_them:
print commit
looks_spammy = raw_input("Looks like all spam? y/N ")
if (looks_spammy.strip() and (looks_spammy[0].lower() == 'y')):
print "OK. Next steps:"
print "Block them:", ("" + name + "&wpExpiry=infinite&wpExpiry-other=&wpReason=Spamming+links+to+external+sites&wpReason-other=&wpCreateAccount=1&wpDisableEmail=1&wpAutoBlock=1&wpWatch=1&wpHardBlock=1&wpEditToken=5aaacea7cd97694641472b712f0ad9b6%2B\&title=Special%3ABlock%2FGchragegarr&redirectparams=&wpPreviousTarget=Gchragegarr&wpConfirm=")
def quit_placeholder():
raise NotImplemented
def prompt_for_action():
nexts = NextSteps(people_to_ban=[])
actions = {'a': (list_authors, 'List (a)uthors'),
'r': (review_author, '(R)eview author to see if all their edits are spam'),
'q': (quit_placeholder, '(Q)uit'),
msg = ' '.join([x[1] for x in actions.values()])
inp = raw_input("What action to take? " + msg).strip()
if (inp and inp[0] == 'q'):
return 'q'
# else...
action = actions.get(inp.strip(), None)
if action:
return action[0]
return None
def process():
line_lists = split_into_lines(GIT_LOG_OUTPUT)
data = list(parse(line_lists))
while True:
action = prompt_for_action()
if action:
if action == 'q':