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<li>February 2012: <a href="">Diversifying PyCon: the power of cooperative outreach</a>, the story of the Boston Python Workshop and other outreach events working together to get a woman named Pam attending PyCon for the first time, at Women 2.0</li>
<li>December 2011: <a href="">Boston Python Workshop for n00bs</a>, a write-up on the 5th Boston Python Workshop by attendee Trish Fontanilla</li>
<li>November 2011: <a href="">Boston Python Workshop PSF Grant</a> at Python Software Foundation News</li>
-<li>October 2011: <a href="">My Ada Lovelace Day Heroines</a> at Marina'z Blog</li>
+<li>October 2011: <a href="">My Ada Lovelace Day Heroines</a> at Marina'z Blog, <a href="">reblogged on Geek Feminism</a></li>
<li>July 2011: <a href="">Lessons learned from the Boston Python Workshop, an outreach event for women</a> on Geek Feminism</li>
<li>June 2011: <a href="">Roundup: Python Outreach Workshops for Women</a> at Women 2.0</li>

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