Greenhouse -- a (temporary?) project to help track new contributors to open source projects. Might migrate to oh-mainline eventually.
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Greenhouse is an app to help improve the retention of new open source contributors. The basic premise is that there are stages from when someone shows up in an open source community to becoming a full fledged maintainer. For example, Judy might show up to file a bug or request a feature, end up contributing documentation, decide to submit a patch, and then finally become a project maintainer. Many people drop out of the pipeline in the earlier stages before reaching the end and becoming a full maintainer. Greenhouse is meant to track new contributors through the pipeline and help them reach the end. The code is based on Ubuntu's Developer Advisory Team ( For those concerned about privacy, we only aggregate publicly available data, and the tool is currently private to the Greenhouse development team and Debian developers who ask for permission.

The best way to help and/or request features it to introduce yourself on on our mailing list at and join the discussion. You can also reach via IRC on freenode at #openhatch.