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# This configuration file is for Vagrant, a simple virtual
# machine manager. It requires VirtualBox to be installed
# and working.
# To learn more about Vagrant, visit:
# do |config|
# This virtual machine (VM) is created based off a tiny pre-configured
# Debian VM. We'll call it squeeze, and we'll download it from
# the creator's S3 URL, if necessary. = "lucid32"
config.vm.box_url = ""
# This is a workaround for an apparent bug in Vagrant, where sometimes it
# fails to properly share the Puppet manifests with the VM.
config.vm.share_folder("my-puppet-hack", "/tmp/vagrant-puppet", "puppet-provisioning-files")
# Configure the VM so that it launches Puppet when it first runs.
config.vm.provision :puppet do |puppet|
puppet.manifests_path = "puppet-provisioning-files/manifests"
# Forward port 8000 into the VM
# We use 8000 because it is the default port for Django,
# so that is what all the documentation uses.
config.vm.forward_port("web", 8000, 8000)
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